(Clearwisdom.net) The Vice Chairman of a local "610 Office" in an undisclosed city in China used to be the Vice Principal of a local Party school [1]. [The Vice Chairman is referred to as "VC" from now on. His name is withdrawn to protect Mr. Feng, the Falun Gong practitioner in this story.] Since Jiang Zemin started to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, VC has been responsible for abducting practitioners in his school to local forced labor camps and forced brainwashing classes. After VC was transferred to the local "610 Office," he declared that he resolved to personally collect first-hand information on all practitioners in the jurisdiction of his office. VC called practitioner Mr. Feng twice, asking to meet him and talk with him. Each time Mr. Feng declined VC's request politely.

On the following day of VC's second phone call to Mr. Feng, he brought one of his subordinates and a staff member from a local Neighborhood Administration Office to Mr. Feng's workplace. Mr. Feng said to the three of them, "I don't have anything to say to you, but since you are here, I'd like to offer a piece of advice: Try to do only good deeds. Stop helping the wicked do bad deeds. Stop helping the tyrant persecute innocent Falun Gong practitioners. Your future lies in your own hands."

As Mr. Feng addressed the three of them, his coworkers stood up from their cubicles and watched the three uninvited visitors, who now felt embarrassed for causing a scene. At this moment, Mr. Feng's supervisor arrived on the scene. He said to the three of them, "I am Mr. Feng's supervisor. Would you like to have a few words with me in my office?"

The following is the content of the dialogue in Mr. Feng's supervisor's office:

FS: Mr. Feng's supervisor

610: The staff from the local "610 Office," including the Vice Chairman

FS: What did you see Mr. Feng for?

610: Nothing.

FS: Nothing? Then why did you come to our office? You are obviously disrupting our work!

610: We didn't want to come to his workplace at first, but he didn't want us to go to his home.

FS: If you don't have any reason to see Mr. Feng, why do you need to go to his home? If I were Mr. Feng, I would not welcome you at my home either. It is Mr. Feng's private home. He is the head of his household and has the right not to receive guests. You are obviously seeking humiliation to insist on calling on Mr. Feng when he has made it clear that you are not welcome.

610: We have no other choice. We have already notified Mr. Feng to come to our office, but he refused to come.

FS: Of course Mr. Feng would refuse to go to your office. I think he has made a perfectly good decision. If I were Mr. Feng, I'd refuse to go to your office too. Mr. Feng does not work for your office and you are not related to him, so it makes no sense for Mr. Feng to comply with your request. Mr. Feng is a middle-aged man, and you have no business to order him around, not to mention ordering him to go to your office without any valid reason. You are obviously lacking even the minimum respect for him.

610: Respect? Did you know what he just said to us before you arrived? (Pointing his finger at Mr. Feng.)

FS: What did he say to you? Why don't you repeat what he said?

610: (silence)

FS: I heard every word he said. In my opinion, I think he made perfect sense. What's wrong with asking you to do more good deeds? Do you mean that he should have asked you to do more bad deeds or do nothing but bad deeds? It is bad to help the wicked to perpetuate bad deeds. He said that your future lies in your own hands, and what's wrong with that? I don't find any problem with what he said. I think he said it well.

610: You don't understand. Mr. Feng is a...

FS: I have been Mr. Feng's supervisor for decades, and I know him very well. How long have you known him? Do you know him at all? How come I have never heard of you before? Which organization do you work for?

610: We work for the "610 Office."

FS: I have never seen any office sign of "610 Office" anywhere. I don't think I have seen "610 Office" in the directory of the Chinese Communist Party or the Chinese government either. Never have I seen any office sign of "610 Office" throughout the area. My organization has large sign outside our building. Next to the sign, there is our address sign with our street address and our zip code. These signs mark the legitimacy of our organization. You claim that you work for an organization called "610 Office" but you don't even have a sign or a listing in the government's organization directory. And yet you have the audacity to come to my office and claim that I don't know my own subordinate. Let me tell you something. Mr. Feng is the best employee in my organization. He does not seek fame or wealth. He is an extremely responsible man. He always fulfills his duties and never complains about any task I assign to him. He wins the respect and praise not only from me, but also from all of his colleagues. Let me make it clear to you: I am Mr. Feng's supervisor. Mr. Feng works for me. If you think Mr. Feng has done something wrong, come talk to me because I am his supervisor. Mr. Feng takes orders from me and he should not take orders from you. No matter who you are, you do not have the right or authority to order people to any place without any valid reason. Look at you! You sneak around and do not even dare to have a sign for your office as if you are afraid of being found. You come to my office and disrupt the work of my people without even calling on me first. Who gave you the authority to do so? You don't have the authority to do so! If everyone behaved like you, the entire Chinese society would become chaotic! Do you know any manners at all? Answer my question!

The three unwelcome guests looked at each other and didn't know what to say. All of them flushed in embarrassment. They quickly got up and fled from Mr. Feng's supervisor's office. They didn't know their way around the cubicle area, so they made a rather ungraceful exit, which caused people in the office to burst into laughter.


[1] Party school is a special school the Chinese ruling party uses to train its members.