New York: Candlelight Vigil Held in Midtown, Calling to Take Seriously the Extension of the Persecution to the American Society (Photos)

August 30, 2004

( correspondent Shen Jing reports -- On the evening of August 28, Falun Gong practitioners from across the U.S. gathered outside the Waldorf Hotel located on the Park Avenue to hold candlelight vigil, calling upon the American society to take seriously the harm of American's freedom of belief caused by Jiang Zemin's regime. Practitioners called upon the entire world to work hand in hand to stop the persecution against human rights that is taking place in China and has been secretly extended to democratic countries outside China. The twinkling candlelight formed a bright line that covered three blocks. Yellow banners calling for an end to the persecution were displayed side by side. About four to five hundred people attended the vigil.

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At the end of this August, the 2004 Republican National Convention will be held in New York City. Important political leaders of the Republican Party will gather in New York. Supporters and protesters will also come here. In order to fully utilize this special opportunity to let more people including their political leaders understand that Jiang Zemin regime's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners has been extended to countries outside China, which has damaged lawful American's basic human rights and peaceful life, and allow them realize the threat caused by silence towards the extension of the persecution, Falun Gong practitioners from across the U.S., Canada, European countries and Asian and Pacific areas will conduct a series of activities to spread the truth-clarifying information. Today is the first day of this series of activities.

Recently, New York City's weather has been changeable. Today was the muggiest day recently. After forming the 15-block-long "Great Wall of Courage" along Park Avenue in the afternoon and sending forth righteous thoughts in front of the Chinese Consulate as a group, several hundred Falun Gong practitioners held a candlelight vigil in the evening. Beside the clean and wide Park Avenue, dots upon dots of candlelights twinkled. Several hundreds of Falun Gong practitioners dressed in yellow T-shirts quietly lined up along the side of Park Avenue. Sometimes, practitioners standing in the same block harmoniously sang the song "Falun Dafa is good" in a soft voice, which was very touching. Words imprinted on hundreds of banners can be clearly seen: "Stop Jiang Regime's Persecution of Falun Gong," "Persecution of Falun Gong in China Is Harming Americans," From time to time, people passing by stopped to ask questions or request information. Taxi drivers took the moment while waiting for the traffic light, to pop their heads out and carefully read the large display posters exhibited.

What is worth mentioning is that New York has been a key city in the U.S. to keep a close lookout for terrorist acts. Especially on the eve of the Republican National Convention, New York polices are extremely cautious and it seems that every bush and tree looks like an enemy soldier. However at Falun Gong practitioners' activity site, it is really hard to see any police officers patrolling. Falun Gong practitioners have been well known all along for their peacefulness, rationality, observing the law and considering others, therefore, police don't worry about them at all. For instance, several hundred people gathered here tonight to call for support from the public, yet passersby still have no trouble to walk along the streets and the night in Manhattan was serene. Only solemn dignity added to the tranquility.

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