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( In 1994, I was fortunate enough to first encounter the practice of Falun Dafa. I attended the seventh series of Master's lectures in Changchun City, Jilin Province, China. More than three thousand people attended the lecture series. Because of these large numbers, lectures were divided into day and night classes, totaling ten days.

The first day we went by trolley bus. The bus stopped in the middle of our trip, so everyone had to get off and walk. The lecture was held in the Jilin University lecture hall, approximately three kilometers away. Time was of the essence. Everyone thought they were going to be late and quickened their pace. One of the walkers was a patient who had a pinched nerve in his spine. He had been in Changchun for more than a month and had already spent over a thousand Yuan. All his money was gone and he still hadn't been cured by the hospital. He had heard about Master's lecture and came with us. Talk about miracles! With the pain of his illness still burdening him, this patient was still walking at the same pace as everyone. His headaches stopped and all other symptoms disappeared. When he got to the class all his symptoms had fully disappeared. During the whole walk Master was helping him and healing his body. After ten lectures he was a completely healthy person.

During those days, after every class, along with other disciples, we would gather around Master in admiration. Master had extraordinary energy. He wore a grey suit, white shirt and appeared very young. Master always smiled so kindly when conversing with students. After the end of every lecture, we would always be hesitant to leave. We always wanted to stay by Master's side a bit longer, to see him a moment longer. We waited until Master got into his car, every time, before we would leave the area around the hall.

Before noon on May 1, the hosts, with requests from the students asked if they could have a group photo taken with Master. Master agreed. So every student from each area stood in order. Master then would take group photos with us group by group. When it was time for the group from Bin River district to take the photo, there was a male student around sixty years old sitting down on a wooden stool in the front row. His hair was all white. Master came up to him and asked why he was sitting. That student replied that he couldn't stand very well. Master told him to stand at the last row. When the photo session was over, Master came to that student, shook his hand and told him to throw away his walking stick. Although he didn't realize it, his wife threw the cane away. Master then told him to start walking forward. So like a small child he walked step by step. He walked around in circles in the hall with a smile on his face. From that day forth, he did not need his cane to walk. He walked to the lecture hall, and he could take care of himself after that.

These types of incidents were a frequent occurrence.

Master said, "I think that whoever gets to hear me transmit the exercises and teachings in person, I'd say he's really... later on you'll know, and you'll feel really glad about this period of time." (Zhuan Falun) Indeed, because of these extraordinary experiences, it let us see our Master's great compassion, profound personality, and the forbearing heart of a deity. And because of these unforgettable experiences, it gave me a boost to cultivate ever more diligently, walking every step of my own path well and honoring my prehistoric vows.

(To be continued)