(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of 2000, when the nationwide persecution of Falun Gong reached its peak, nearly one hundred practitioners in my area went to Beijing to appeal. Meanwhile, a truth-clarification materials production site was damaged, and many practitioners were arrested and detained in detention centers as a result. Between May and June of 2001, most practitioners were released without being found guilty. At that time, we did not know about sending forth righteous thoughts, but in our hearts we believed that Teacher was watching over everything! I still remember once while meditating in the detention center, I saw two paths I could choose: one was to go home, have a normal work-life while participating in the Fa-rectification at the same time; the other was to be sent to a labor camp then wander about to validate the Fa. Unwittingly I started to make a choice, thinking that the first path was good since nothing would be lost, and the second path was also fine since in that case there were no family members to worry about. As I was thinking about this, I suddenly realized I was wrong: I made the choices on the basis of seeking a comfortable life, which was selfish. Only Teacher's arrangement was the best! With that understanding, I immediately felt my entire body become warm, and I had a righteous thought: I will no longer make choices, and I will only listen to Teacher's arrangement. Several days later, I was released without being found guilty. From my experience, I came to understand what it meant to truly believe in Dafa and Teacher.

Just as we were released, Clearwisdom.net notified practitioners about sending forth righteous thoughts. Right before October of that year, the Public Security Bureau was afraid that we might go to appeal in Beijing, so they planned to hold a brainwashing class. Upon hearing the news, I immediately notified all the practitioners I could reach and asked them to send forth righteous thoughts. At that time, every practitioner that participated could sense the power of righteous thoughts. I remembered that we also shared understandings on how long we should send forth righteous thoughts. In the end, everyone agreed that while sending forth righteous thoughts, we should not pay much attention to the duration. For example, in the battle between the righteousness and evil, if we concentrate too much on whether we have exceeded the expected time, how could that be a battle between the righteousness and evil? Afterwards, we no longer paid attention to time. Instead, we did not stop until all the evil was eliminated with righteous thoughts. The plans for the brainwashing class were dropped since no site was available. That was the first time we used righteous thoughts together to oppose the old forces' arrangements.

Following that, the Public Security Bureau director called in Falun Gong practitioners one by one for a so-called "discussion," in which he treated us like criminals. When he contacted me, I still had some anger inside me. So although my courageous attitude "suppressed" him, things were not completely resolved. He told me, "If you do not write a letter of guarantee [giving up the practice], I will send you to a labor camp directly!" After leaving the Public Security Bureau, I thought about a lot of things, but not about whether or not I would be sent to labor camp. Instead, I thought that I did not solve that issue with enough compassion. Teacher said that compassion could melt steel and iron, so how could an everyday person not be touched? Instead, I used a bad temper to suppress bad deeds, and of course it failed to touch people's hearts. After sharing our understandings with other practitioners, we all agreed that since the Public Security Bureau director often came to do bad deeds, we could not let it continue. We agreed to send forth righteous thoughts towards him for three consecutive days (each day at 8 p.m., 9 p.m., and 10 p.m.) to eliminate the evil factors behind him. After making this decision, we notified more practitioners. As I walked to another practitioner's home, I saw a scene in another dimension: Teacher was sitting there smiling, and there were three enlightened beings in yellow besides him. One of the enlightened beings was standing in front of Teacher, towards the right, and was angrily talking about something while pointing at me. Through mental telepathy I suddenly understood what he was talking about: "See, your disciple is cultivating like this? Apparently he did not do well, yet he considers the person arranged to test him as evil and wants to eliminate him!" I immediately sent over a thought: "Stop it! I know the places where I did not do well, and I will do well tomorrow! Please stop complaining in front of my Teacher. I didn't do well and it has nothing to do with my Teacher." That being seemed startled. He did not realize I was able to see him and hear him. He kept his mouth open and did not know what to say. The scene immediately disappeared.

On that evening, I sent forth righteous thoughts as we planned. The image of the Public Security Bureau director appeared in my mind: he wanted to show his power, and he thus suddenly became very tall. I did not have any special thoughts, but he never exceeded me in height. After being unable to defeat me, he started to say good words, "Please let me go. I did not swear at you, nor give you a hard time. (When he arrested me, he did not have a bad attitude toward me. However, he beat and swore at other practitioners.) Come on, why can you not just let me go?" I said to him seriously, "You are wrong! I sent forth righteous thoughts not because you gave me a hard time or because you swore at me, nor was it for revenge. This is the Fa-rectification. As a practitioner, I have places that I need to improve. I will do better according to Teacher's requirements. You cannot arrange my path, and it is impossible for me to listen to you. If you cannot rectify your actions according to Dafa, you will have no choice but to be eliminated. I now give you an opportunity, and I will come back tomorrow." (At that time, I was not very clear who "he" was, but I knew it was not his human body.)

On the next day, I went to the Public Security Bureau, and the director was there when I came in. Without the viciousness of the previous day, he smiled at me and said, "You look well today." I also smiled and said, "So do you." Without human notions in my heart at all, the environment was very peaceful. Throughout the process, I was able to see how a human being was controlled by other beings behind him. When those evil factors were unable to control him, he showed interest and was willing to know more about Dafa. However, when he was controlled by the evil, he had a stern expression and said things to slander Dafa. It went like this back and forth several times, and the battle became more and more intense. It was so intense that he could not sit down next to me, but on the other hand, he wanted to sit next to me. Thus, as soon as he sat down, he would stand up and walk a few steps toward the door; then he would come back and sit down again; then he stood up and paced back and forth. It repeated like that five times. In this process, when he said, "Falun Gong is xx [slanderous word omitted]," at that moment I had feelings too compassionate to describe. When he said that for the first time, I pressed my palms together (Heshi) in front of my forehead and said to Teacher, "Teacher, if this person is indeed hopeless, then so be it. His fate is sealed." At that moment, after he started to say "Falun Dafa," he did not know what to say. He also calmed down. Then he came over and sat next me. Instead of continuing to wander around, this time he stayed there and asked me a few questions that he was confused about. Finally, he said, "This is an issue of belief. I cannot interfere with it and it is not my responsibility."

That was the first time we sent forth righteous thoughts together in our local area. It was also a prelude to validating the Fa (1) as a whole body. Since then, we have never been passive. No matter how rampant the evil is, we always have the overall situation in our favor. Since we started sending forth righteous thoughts at the beginning, we always tried our best, and each time has lasted about an hour. We also send forth righteous thoughts whenever we have to. Sometime during the night, we get up at 1 or 2 o'clock and send forth righteous thoughts. At that time, there were too many evil factors, and whenever we cleared things up, some practitioners stepped forward to validate the Fa. When we needed to, we could also hold experience sharing sessions. This is because we send forth righteous thoughts. We are also eliminating interference on the Internet and phone lines.

  1. Fa: Law and principles; the teachings of Falun Dafa.

August 8, 2004