My name is Ms. Zhang Lifang. I am 41 and a Falun Gong practitioner. I live at Room #601, Unit #17, Guihua Sub-District, Fuyu County, Heilongjiang Province.

I was arrested from my home at about 5:30PM on December 8th of 2003 by the Tiedong Police Station Deputy Chief Li Guohui (of Fuyu County Public Security Bureau), Jiang Feng, and Wang Zhewei. At the same time, my husband Bai Yonghai was also arrested. I was illegally detained at the Tiedong Police Station. At about 4PM on December 9th, police agents threw me into a metal cage to torture me at Fuyu County Jailhouse (the date on the Detention Warrant was December 9th of 2003). I refused to sign the warrant.

From the 9th until the 10th, at about 11AM, I was interrogated by agents from the Tiedong Police Station. Then the Interrogation Agents Brigade's Assistant Chief Hu Fangwen and Huang Wei began interrogating me. About 4PM on the 12th, they sent me to the jailhouse. I have a detailed account of the whole process of the intimidating and coercive interrogation I experienced.

I was detained for more than 4 months. Up until April 5 of 2004, they issued arrest warrants for me, Zeng Fenglian, and Liu Yanbo, but I refused to sign them. On July 2, Niu Yanhong, who is the Prosecution Section Chief of the Procuratorate and Inspector Fu Wu (most of the time Fu was not present) conducted the interrogation. I will account for the whole 7-month persecution in another document.

The 7-month persecution caused me tremendous harm and emotional trauma. During the time I was detained, my health suffered greatly. At times, I was close to death.

My uterus started bleeding about mid-May. By July I had bled for more than 50 days, and the flow became heavier and heavier. On July 5, I told the jail staff that I needed to see a doctor. In the morning of July 5, Liu Jianchun, Assistant Chief of the jail, a female agent and another male inmate escorted me to the People's Hospital of Fuyu County. There, they performed an ultrasound. The doctor's report reads (roughly): 1) the internal layer of the uterus was getting thicker by 1.8 cm with a light spot; 2) the left side of the uterus was swollen. The doctor decided to perform curettage on me. Even though I refused, Doctor Guan Yuemei continued to try and persuade me while he dragged me into the surgery room. Before entering the surgery room, I was too weak to stand. I squatted on the ground and insisted on seeing jail Chief Liu. The female agent did not tell Liu my intention, thus I bled more than 50 days. My health deteriorated dramatically. I did not have any physical checkups (except for the B-ultrasonic test) and they did not inform my family, they just went ahead and did the curettage against my will. I suffered tremendously during the surgery.

After the procedure, I could not walk. The jail sent a vehicle to escort me back to the jail. After returning back to my cell, I felt extreme pain in my abdomen, and my upper body began sweating a lot while my lower body felt as cold as ice. Both of my legs were numb. I was still bleeding, extremely weak, and I could not drink much water or eat much food. With these complications, Yang Jun and Liu Jianchun from the jail were scared, since in July 2002, two Dafa practitioners Zhang Xiaochun and Wang Baoxian died as a result of persecution, which was reported on Minghui.Net. They reported my situation to the Bureau Chief Yuan Pin and decided to let my family take me home on July 6. But when the jail staff tried to release me on bail, they could not find Section Chief Niu Yanhong. I could no longer stand, felt weak, had a headache, was afraid of light, and had no appetite. The authorities were afraid I would die on their premises, so they called Bureau Chief Yuan Pin to the jail on the evening of the 6th. Then Yuan Pin called the Procuratorate and the Chief of Procuratorate agreed that Niu Yanhong would go to the jail at 8AM on the 7th for the bail release procedure, but Niu Yanhong did not come until 11AM on the 7th. By then, I was too weak to even dress myself. Only after my family was forced to pay 5,000 yuan [500 yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China], did they release me.

My family wanted to send me to the County Hospital, but I didn't want to go there, so they took me to the Gynecology Department of a Psychiatric Hospital for an exam. Since it was past noon, we were too late for a proper exam to be done. I was just too weak to endure more, so I asked my family to take me home to rest. Because our apartment was on the 6th floor and it was too difficult for me to climb the stairs, my husband accompanied me to my mother's home and I stayed there for a few days. Although I was still bleeding, weak, and had pain in my abdomen, I felt better day by day due to the fact I was around my family and I could manage to drink water and rice soup by then.

My husband and I were arrested at the same time. He was released on January 6, 2004. At his work unit's meetings, at the Fuqiang Electric Transformer Sub-Station of Laha High Voltage Electricity Bureau of Qiqihar Electricity Bureau, they discussed dismissing him because he was arrested and thus "tarnished" their work unit's good reputation. His coworkers blamed him because they would not get a bonus due to his arrest. Due to persecution my husband experienced and his worries about me, he was under tremendous pressure. Added to this was the possibility that he could lose his job, his anxiety level was so high that he almost collapsed emotionally. He dared not go alone to the jail to deposit money and daily necessities for me, he had to be accompanied by my sister-in-law. Eventually, my husband kept his job, but he did not get a bonus. He was demoted from team leader to just a team member, with no benefits and no salary for 2 months. Our daughter developed partial facial paralysis due to her inability to handle the bad things happening to her parents. Her mouth contorted, she was unable to close it and treatment did not help. A once healthy girl had become skinny, pale, and weak. My younger brother, Zhang Lilin, was arrested at the same time I was. He was sentenced to one year of forced labor. He is currently being persecuted at the Shuanghe Forced Labor Camp. His wife spent all her savings and borrowed an additional 40,000-50,000 yuan to appease the "610 Office", the Public Security Bureau, and related municipal departments, but Zhang Lilin still was not released. My mother (also a Falun Gong practitioner), my brother's wife, and daughter lived together, encountering many difficulties during the absence of my brother.

Since last year, our family has lost about 100,000 yuan, not including the confiscated computer equipment. This is a prime example of Jiang Zemin's directive to "damage their reputations, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically". Facing these kinds of difficulties, I did not have any financial means to go to hospital. I started to study the Falun Gong books and practice the exercises again, and I started to recover. There was no more bleeding within a few days. My husband and daughter were also very happy.

On July 23 at about 3PM, Niu Yanhong and Fu Wu from the Procuratorate came to my home and ordered me to accompany them to the Court, saying, "There is no negotiation. We were already too kind to you. You are also relieved of the bail due to your illness and we gave you 16 days of rest. But after you returned home, you did not go to the hospital. You should have gone no matter what, even if your family had to carry you on a stretcher. We just want the Court see you to confirm that you did not run away." I said, "In order to verify that I did not run, you just need to call me." She said, "That won't do." I had to dress up, but, because my feet and legs were numb, I could not put on my shoes. It was difficult to move around at all, plus I felt intense pain on the right side of my abdomen under my right ribs and agony across my abdomen and back. I suffered tremendous pain simply taking a few steps. After I reached the 5th floor with the help of my sister-in-law and husband, I felt too weak to move anymore and had to sit on the 5th floor stairs. Niu Yanhong yelled, "No matter what the reason, you cannot avoid going. If you don't show up after a second summons, your release will be canceled and you will lose the 5,000 yuan bail. Then you will have to come back to jail and go through the process all over again, spending even more for bail." She kept talking about the time sensitivity of doing her case. But in fact, everything they had done was illegal. I was arrested on the 8th of December but they didn't issue the detention warrant until the 9th. They didn't issue my arrest warrant until April 5 of 2004, almost four months after the fact. The Procuratorate met me on July 2nd . Niu Yanhong saw that I could not move and pressured me, "You need to ask a tricycle driver to drive you there for just one yuan. If you are unable to walk downstairs, then how did you get up to the 6th floor after you returned? Let your husband carry you on his back!" I said, "He has high blood pressure and a heart problem, how can he carry me?" She then said, "Sign here. This is the first summons. Monday will be the second summons. If you cannot make it by 8AM, we will take stronger action!" My husband signed and fingerprinted the summons for me. She then told my husband, "You are her husband. You have the responsibility to get her there."

My husband and daughter were too nervous to eat or sleep. Ever since the persecution of Falun Gong began, my family has had no peace of mind. In 2001, I was sent to a forced labor camp for persecution and in 2002 I was persecuted for 7 months again. After a little break, they came again. I would like to expose the Jiang group's crimes of persecuting Falun Gong, expose the true face of Jiang and his followers behind the façade of the so-called "best human rights period in history", report to the Supreme People's Procuratorate and also the Procuratorate at provincial and municipal levels and report to WOIPFG (World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong) the facts about the persecution.

On July 24, I left home when my husband and daughter were present, dragging my two numb legs. I did not want my husband and my daughter seeing me abducted from home again. My health and safety were at great risk in police custody. I was forced to leave my home because of Jiang's persecution. I am worried about my husband, daughter and my other family members. I don't know how much more they can bear of the tremendous pain of a family member being abducted like this. I don't know if Fuyu County's Public Security Bureau and the Procuratorate are going to escalate their persecution of my family and me.

Here I ask the WOIPFG to investigate my case and appeal to Falun Gong practitioners overseas for support. Fuyu County related persons and work units that have participated in the persecution of Falun Gong are on record already at www.fawanghuihui.org.

My lawyer is Ma Shuhong: 86-138045290157(Cell); my home phone: 86-452-3128837; my husband's work unit phone: 86-452-3123049; my second sister (Zhang Lijuan) home phone: 86-452-3126944; my sister's husband (Zhang Lijun) cell: 86-13206637968.

In the meantime I ask WOIPFG to please convey my solemn remarks to relevant work units and persons and my lawyer: it is not a crime to believe in the principles of "truthfulness, compassion and tolerance"; Falun Gong practitioners are not criminals. All these years, Falun Gong practitioners have used their compassion to peacefully expose and stop the persecution, in order to let people, including those within the judiciary system of China, know about the evil nature of the Jiang group's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. But, so many people within the judiciary system of Fuyu County still do not know the truth and continually serve as Jiang's agents in carrying out the persecution. They will be fully responsible for their persecution of me, my husband, my daughter and all my family members. I am preparing documents to sue them for persecuting Falun Gong, demanding an end to their persecution and the unconditional release for me and Falun Gong practitioners Zeng Fenglian (86-452-3060110/Home, husband and practitioner Zuo Dexiu), Liu Yanbo (86-452-8516399/Home and her husband and practitioner Wang Shaohui), Guo Jingshan (his wife and practitioner Shao Yuhua, employee of Industry and Commerce Bureau of Fuyu County).

Fuyu County Public Security Bureau

Bureau Chief: Liu Wenfu

Vice Bureau Chief: Li Hongge (in charge of the persecution of Falun Gong, he is trying to stop Lawyer Ma Shuhong from meeting Zhang Lifang)

Vice Bureau Chief: Yuan Ping (in charge of jailhouses)

Tiedong Police Station

Chief: Yuan Junwei

Deputy Chief: Li Guohui, Guo Jingzhang

Police agents: Guo Rencai, Wang Zhewei

The People's Procuratorate

Chief and Deputy Chief: N/A

Chief of Prosecution: Niu Yanhong (female)

Inspector: Fu Wu

Tiedong Prison Guards Brigade

Vice Brigadier: Hu Fangwen (He was very rough in the beginning and later thru practitioners' truth clarification, he softened a little)

Dong Wei: Vicious in carrying out torture

(These 2 persons were "honored" as the "Third Level of Achievement" after they participated in this persecution.)


Chief: Yang Jun (He has a relative who practices Falun Gong, so he has a little bit of a good attitude toward Falun Gong, but still needs more truth clarification)

Deputy Chief: Liu Jianchun (His mother practices Falun Gong. He is friendly toward Falun Gong practitioners, often helping practitioners to buy cheap discount daily necessities in private. We can ask him about the details of the death cases of practitioners Zhang Xiaochun and Wang Baoxian.)

Author: Falun Gong Practitioner Zhang Lifang

Report Date: July 25, 2004