(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Xie Faying is in her 40s and is from Caohai Village of Weining County. She previously was illegally detained twice because of her persistence in cultivating Falun Dafa. In June 2003, she was arrested at midnight by the county "610 Office," who didn't follow any legal procedures, and sent her to the Women's Labor Camp of Guizhou. Her 80-year-old mother and two pre-school-aged children were left at home without anyone to care for them, and now lead a very hard life.

Mr. Geng Guanghe is about 40 years old, and was a worker at a branch of the People's Bank of China in Weining County. He was forced by his work unit to leave his home because he refused to give up his cultivation in Falun Dafa. Several months later he was abducted by his work unit and sent to a brainwashing class held by the branch bank in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. Later he was secretly sent to another place and no information about him has been unavailable since that time. The head of his work unit, who participated in the persecution, received karmic retribution for his evildoing when he died of a strange disease at the early age of 40.

Ms. Geng Guangxiang, who is in her 50s, was the elder sister of Mr. Geng Guanghe and worked in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Weining County. She suffered from many diseases before beginning Falun Dafa practice. After she obtained and cultivated Falun Dafa she quickly recovered. One day she was reported to police while she was speaking to others about the mental and physical benefits she experienced from Falun Dafa practice. For this she was sentenced to prison for 7 years.

Ms. Luo Yufang is in her 30s, and was a resident of Caohai Village in Weining County. In 2002 she was reported to police and arrested while on her way to the countryside to do truth-clarification work. On the way back to the county, she continuously and intensely sent forth righteous thoughts. As a result, her handcuffs unlocked themselves and she successfully escaped using her righteous thoughts. She was forced to become homeless from then on to avoid further persecution.

Ms. Luo Cuiqing is in her 50s, and was a worker at the Bureau of Irrigation Works of Weining County. She was arrested during 2003 in Hezhang County while she was visiting the home of her son. No information about her has been available since her arrest.

Ms. Shao Manqiu is in her 40s, and was a resident of the Chenguan District of Weining County. She was illegally held in the local detention center for nine months by the county's "610 Office" officials because she cultivated in Falun Dafa. After she was released she went to the countryside to do business as an escape from further police persecution. Several months later, in June 2003, she was once again secretly arrested by the county "610 Office" officials and sent to the Women's Forced Labor Camp of Guizhou Province for persecution.

Mr. Han Jiangui is close to age 60, and is from Caohai Village of Weining County. He was arrested by police on July 13, 2004 when he was at home. On the same day, police arrested another fellow practitioner, and the details of his arrest will be investigated.

In Weining County, Guizhou Province, more than ten Dafa practitioners have been illegally detained as criminals, and six have been sentenced to forced labor camps and imprisonment for their practice of Falun Gong since Jiang's regime began persecuting Falun Gong on July 20, 1999.

The following is a list of staff members of the "610 Office" of Weining County, and related persecutors:

Wang Xingguang, male, secretary of the committee of politics and law of Weining County. Tel.: 86-857-6222280 (Office), 86-857-6222901 (Home), 86-13708571838 (Cell), 86-13985881289 (Cell).

Lin Kejun, male, head of the police bureau of the county. Tel.: 86-857-6222611 (Office), 86-857-6221478 (Home), 86-13985881478 (Cell)

Wang Yiguo, male, director of the county's "610 Office" and vice head of the county police bureau. Tel.: 86-857-6222611 (Office)

An Shaoxue, male, head of the branch of politics and security of the county's "610 Office." Tel.: 86-857-6222429 (Office), 86-857-6229976 (Home)

Zhou Enxiang, male, vice head of the politics and security branch of the county's "610 Office." Tel.: 86-857-6222429 (Office), 86-857-6224629 (Home)

Ma Wuhui, male, staff member of the county's "610 Office." Tel.: 86-857-6222429 (Office)

Wang Jing, female, staff member of the county's "610 Office." Tel.: 86-857-6222429 (Office)

Yang Deguang, male, staff member of the county's "610 Office." Tel.: 86-857-6222429 (Office)

Wang Jianrong, inspector of the Weining County "610 Office" specially assigned by the Bijie Region, Guizhou Province. Tel.: 86-857-6222429 (Office)