Every time I read fellow practitioners' insights about the issue of security, I felt that the authors were discussing it at the same level. Actually there are different security issues at different levels. We can't talk about it in general. For instance, some actions warrant certain security precautions at a certain level, but as one elevates one's level, the same actions are no longer safe. Whatever we do is always cultivation, rather than everyday people's work. As we cultivate ourselves, we're elevating our levels. As a result, the Fa (Law) at those levels will guide us and set the criteria for us.

Those who produce and distribute Dafa truth clarifying materials here in China are not exceptions and should not be treated specially. In other words, they should do whatever other practitioners do. With regard to security, it's good enough if our actions are reasonably consistent with everyday people and we don't, for example, shout on the street while holding a Dafa book. We should not stand out on purpose, because as soon as we do, evil will come to test us. If we stand out, we might one day be "compromised" under their constant attacks, for we are practicing in the maze of everyday life and are thus bound to have attachments.

As a whole body, we're all connected to one another. Attacking one of us is equivalent to attacking the whole body and therefore will affect the whole body. One day, a fellow practitioner from another province came to attend our local Fa conference. After hearing our independent comments on a fellow practitioner's experience sharing, the practitioner from that province told us, "The way you folks openly make critical comments on a fellow practitioner's insights without worrying about hurting him has never been used in our area." Yes, there is no authority here. Good practitioner or not, you might be criticized and corrected by anyone as soon as your speech deviates from the Fa. If the comments themselves are incorrect or not thorough enough, more practitioners will share their thoughts. No one will hold back one's thoughts without sharing with other practitioners, because such an act will, as we strongly believe, demonstrate only one's irresponsibility for the fellow practitioners.

In my area, cases of betrayal have also happened. I'd like to share my thoughts in that aspect.

First, when such an incident happens, those involved must set strict demands on themselves with the requirements of Fa, rather than accusing the betrayer. I was once asked, "Given the way you treat her, aren't you afraid that she would one day betray you in case she can't endure the persecution?" In response, I told him the following story. There was once a Falun Dafa practitioner B who had been doing a lot of Dafa work. One day, his fellow practitioner C who frequently contacted him was arrested. Failing to endure the persecution, C betrayed the Fa and provided the information about many fellow practitioners. Ironically, she didn't provide information about practitioner B whom she had the most contact with. After she was released, nobody but practitioner B talked to her about it. When asked why she didn't sell out B despite the fact he was her most closely contacted practitioner, she said, "I didn't recall your face. If I had, I would have also told them about you."

As I understand, blaming anybody when an incident happens is not what Master has taught us. Rather, we should deny the arrangements of the old forces, including dealing with the mistakes our fellow practitioners have made. This is because even collaborators (1) are victims of the arrangement of the old forces. To deny the arrangements of the old forces entirely, we have to properly deal with the collaborators who once betrayed our fellow practitioners. The best way to deny such arrangements with respect to collaborators is to prevent them from happening. As a matter of fact, once the betrayal occurs, the old forces' arrangements for the collaborator becomes less meaningful and he or she will become more rational. In history, many collaborators committed suicide after they became more rational and regretted their wrongdoings. We must strive hard to prevent our former fellow practitioners from stepping onto that route. At the very minimum, we must not push them, by accident or on purpose, onto that route.

This way, we successfully deny the arrangement of the old forces. In particular, the betrayed practitioners are safely protected, while the collaborators also successfully escape the persecution, under the reinforcement of righteous thoughts. Although there will be a long way in front of her and she will have to be accountable for what she did, she did not, after all, fall into the route of collaborator arranged by the old forces.

Finally I'd like to share my thoughts on sending forth righteous thoughts. I have enlightened that sending forth righteous thoughts is a great and sacred ability that Master has bestowed upon us. Reciting the Fa-rectification formula is an extremely powerful and sacred action. At the beginning stage, it can't be taken as wrong if one uses this ability to protect oneself by remotely locking up wicked people, loosening up the handcuffs, or making oneself invisible to them. It is the manifestation that Master wants us to be confident in sending forth righteous thoughts. Up until now, however, to think of the action merely as such, is in serious terms, to bring disgrace to this supernormal capability.

Many practitioners often shared their experience about how they denied the arrangement of the old forces using righteous thoughts when officers from their local police stations came to investigate if they were at home. Why didn't these practitioners send forth righteous thoughts beforehand so that the latter wouldn't have been able to come over? Think about it. Under what mentality did they come over to knock at the door? Did they take us as human beings in their hearts? Where would their futures be if they came over to interrogate us with such a status? To be responsible for the future of these beings, why don't we be more compassionate so as not to let them knock at our doors at all?

The coordinators in our area are always on the authority's "top list." Nevertheless, in the past few years, the authorities dared not even think of "wanting" them, let alone to actually put it into action. Because we have been very diligent in eliminating the evil beings that control humans, humans will commit fewer or no crimes of persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. As practitioners, we must always remember: It is we who are saving the sentient beings. We must not use our tolerance and misery to exchange for the sympathy of the sentient beings. These two attitudes are vastly different. Only when we position ourselves as the "Masters" and "Kings," can we be worthy of the sacred capability that Master has equipped us with -- "sending forth righteous thoughts." Only in this way, can we truly send out the righteous thoughts that terrify all the evils but are responsible for all the positive factors in the cosmos. If all the fellow practitioners in one area, all the practitioners in China, or all of us around the world, send out such righteous thoughts together, how can the persecution possibly persist any longer?

Note this is simply a bit of my understanding that I'd like to share with fellow practitioners. Please kindly correct if you find anything wrong here.