(Clearwisdom.net) On August 21, two practitioners in Sudbury organized an activity to promote Falun Dafa and clarify the truth. Sudbury is located several hours drive north of Toronto, Ontario and has a population about 100,000 people. Two early-arrived practitioners had passed out over 3000 flyers already and they needed support from Toronto. New York also needs practitioners to support and the drive to and back from the city which takes over ten hours. Shall we go to Sudbury or New York?

Some practitioners who can't go to New York thought they could help the Sudbury activity so they decided to go. Early one morning, five cars with over a dozen practitioners set off for Sudbury. It was a small but highly efficient team. Eight practitioners would play the waist drums, two would do the lion dance, and the others distribute flyers, take photos and write the report.

The practitioners who had arrived the night before had already set up the exhibition tables. It was at the entrance of a park. The surrounding hills, streams and flowers are beautiful. The reporters from the local CTV station were also waiting for us. Having no time to enjoy the scenery, the practitioners began to prepare for the exercise demonstration, distributing flyers, waist drum and lion dance. All was set in about ten minutes.

After a round of performances, the practitioners were interviewed by the media. Time passes fast and it was soon noon. The practitioners sat down in a circle, ate the food brought with them and discussed the activities of the afternoon. Some suggested to go into the city to introduce Falun Dafa, clarify the truth and perform. So the team split into two. One team stayed at the park to continue the activity, one team went into the city to clarify the truth.

The second team drove along the streets but they seldom saw any people in the streets. Suddenly, they saw an open-air concert with many people in attendance. Beside the concert, there were many children waiting for a hayride. This was the place we were looking for. So the practitioners parked the car and talked about how to communicate with the concert organizers. Maybe our golden yellow suite attracted her, because right away an organizer came to us and asked what we wanted to do. After just a few sentences, she happily invited us to make a 15 minute demonstration.

We were happy to hear it and understood Dafa and the Master arranged this. We don't need to plan too much. With a pure heart to bring Dafa to sentient beings, everything will be prepared for us. A few practitioners drove back to the park to bring the other half of our group. Some practitioners moved to a place a distance away from the concert to practice the exercises in order not to interrupt the concert. A few practitioners passed out flyers quietly.

Small cities are different from big cities. There aren't big crowds of people, but the residents are more pure and honest. Almost everyone accepted the flyer and many asked us more questions about what we were doing. That gave us more opportunity to clarify the truth to people. In a short time, many flyers were passed out, and the other half of the group arrived. A large group of golden yellow color attracted the concert audience. Many people who had already stood up and were ready to leave stayed to wait for us. Some accepted the flyers and chatted with the practitioners.

A local music radio station organized the concert. A practitioner gave the host a music CD "Coming For you". He was very happy. When we went up the stage, he used many beautiful words to introduce us. We performed lion dance, waist drum and demonstrated the Falun Dafa exercises. The audience watched carefully and gave warm applause from time to time. In the end, they thanked us for bringing these to them. The practitioners blessed these pure and kind people and wish they will obtain Dafa soon.

When they returned to the park, the practitioners who had stayed there told them that many residents eagerly wanted to help them. Later, the practitioners performed one more time at the park. In the evening, they left Sudbury and headed back.

When they arrived in Toronto, it was 2 o'clock the next morning. The practitioners said, "It has been a worthwhile trip. We hope the seed of Dafa will grow and spread in Sudbury."