(Clearwidsom.net) My father-in-law, 76, from Zhucaoying Village, Zhucaoying Town, Funing County, Hebei Province, had participated in battles many times when he was young and had received more than ten medals for his heroism. For the past several years, the elderly man has not been feeling good and has been hospitalized three times. My sister-in-law and I are both Dafa practitioners. We often told him that Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa to save the sentient beings and he would be blessed if he believed in Dafa. But the did not want to listen to us. I was arrested in 2001 for handing out truth-clarifying material to people. The elderly man cursed me because of his ignorance of the truth, saying, "My two daughters-in-law did not learn good things. I just don't believe what you say, I only believe in Communism."

On January 6 of this year, the his health dramatically worsened. He could hardly breathe and lost consciousness. We sent him to the emergency room and he was diagnosed with an infection in both lungs. Then he was found to have tuberculosis and a tumor in the right lung as big as a walnut. The doctor told us: "Take him back home to rest. It is useless to spend more money on him." We had spent almost ten thousand yuan already. Sadly we brought him home and prepared his funeral. He needed an oxygen bottle to breathe, and basically, he could not take care of himself. He needed people to hold him to sit up, to feed him and to help him go to the bathroom, etc. At that time, I realized that as long as he was still alive we had to try to save him. My sister-in-law and I therefore sent forth righteous thought to eliminate the evil forces in another dimension which stopped him from receiving Dafa so that he would be able to be saved.

One day, he told me all of sudden: "I understand what you and your sister-in-law told me. I believe in Dafa. Please read the book to me." At that moment, I was very touched and tearful. He could be saved at last!

After listening to one cassette of Teacher's lecture, he had a very good sleep without any breathing difficulties at all. On the second day, after listening to three cassettes of Teacher's lecture, he did not have to use the oxygen bottle and forgot to take his medication. He even could sit up by himself. Since then his health has become better and better. Ten days later, he could eat, go to the bathroom by himself, and could get off the bed to walk around. He told my sister-in-law and me: "Teacher's lectures are really good. Every sentence is full of meaning. It is totally unlike what the government said about Falun Gong participating in politics. I blamed you unjustly before. I was wrong. After I am cured I will practice the exercise with you two."

We are very grateful for Master's giving my father-in-law a second life. We will be more and more diligent to do the Fa-rectification work well and let more sentient beings know the truth so they might obtain this precious Dafa and be saved.