(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhang Hong was 31 years old and had lived in Dongli District, Harbin City. On July 31, 2004, she died in a hospital as a result of torture she was subjected to in the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. Following are the details:

Zhang Hong had lived near Dongli District Botanical Garden and had previously been sent to a forced labor camp. On July 22, 2004 she was again sentenced to forced labor and sent to the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. While at the camp, Ms. Zhang Hong refused to cooperate with the evildoers in any way and refused to write the "Three Statements," which are specific documents denouncing Falun Gong.

In the afternoon of July 22, the perpetrators forced her to stand on the ground, with her hands cuffed to two upper-bunk bed poles. She started a hunger strike on July 24 and the guards force-fed her on July 26, making her ingest large amounts of concentrated saline solution. Afterwards, the guards didn't give her water to drink and forbade her to use the restroom. They handcuffed her to the beds during the day and cuffed her in a metal chair at night. She had heart problems, but they made her sleep on a bare bed, with her hands and feet cuffed to the head and foot of the bed so she could not move. She was forced to relieve herself in the bed. The guards also stripped off all her pants and put the bed in a hallway, where freezing wind passed through. She was only covered with a thin sheet. When they force-fed her on July 29, the sheet was soaked in blood. The guards threw the sheet in the bathroom, but a witness found it. Since Ms. Zhang was also forced to stand while being cuffed to bed poles, her feet swelled up severely. When the perpetrators gave her an intravenous injection on July 30, Yao, head of the Drill Division Group, used regular water to clean the IV bottle.

During all this abuse and gross mistreatment, Zhang Hong shouted to expose the atrocities under this persecution. The guards ordered inmates Zhang Guiyun, Chen Lingling, Sun Huijun and others to tape her mouth shut. These inmates also force-fed Zhang Hong. In the afternoon of July 31, four male guards carried Zhang Hong away on a stretcher and disinfected the whole room afterwards. It was heard that Ms. Zhang Hong was taken to the No. 211 Hospital. Section head Zhao later said, "Ms. Zhang Hong had died from kidney failure as a result of heart disease."

On August 5, the guards took down the sign for "Drill Division Group", where Ms. Zhang Hong had been held, and instead put up a sign reading "Clinic." They also decorated the room with oxygen bottles and other medical supplies.

The guards from the former Drill Division Group are uneasy because they are afraid of people learning of the truth. Ms. Zhang Hong had always been held in the Drill Division Group or in Division 13, where four male heads are in charge. They are Wu Hongxun, Zhao Yuqing, Yao Fuchang and Li Xiaojie.