(Clearwisdom.net) The Malaysian Buddhist Association recently issued a declaration stating that it "firmly opposes" Falun Gong using terms from Buddhism. I believe this to be an unreasonable declaration, for the reasons set forth below.

Such a declaration would be akin to Buddha forbidding talk about reincarnation and supernormal capabilities just because Brahmanism mentioned reincarnation and supernormal capabilities, or maybe Jesus refusing to mention any prophecies, since the Jewish Holy Books had recorded some prophecies. According to the Malaysian Buddhist Association's logic, disciples of Brahmanism should condemn Buddha Shakyamuni for using Brahmanism "to reach his own goal," thereby damaging Brahmanism's "images and dignity;" and Jesus should be condemned for "confusing the audience."

Falun Gong has made it clear that it is not the same as Buddhism, and that Buddhism conveys only a tiny portion of the Buddha Law. What Buddha Shakyamuni, Jesus and other enlightened beings taught were their understandings of the Truth, but they did not create the Truth. Who could say that one who sees the sun created the sun? Who could say that those who see the sun may forbid others from talking about the sun? Religions are created by people, and they cannot represent the enlightened beings. Even enlightened beings would not try to monopolize the Truth, yet the Malaysian Buddhist Association has dared to take the Truth as its "intellectual property."

The Malaysian Buddhist Association backed up its attack on Falun Gong with the argument that "The Chinese government has banned Falun Gong." Buddhism also went through many huge tribulations, and was persecuted by governments. When Jesus spread his Truth in Jerusalem, he was also slandered by the Jewish elders, and was put on the cross by the Roman government. The fact that Falun Gong is persecuted by an atheist Party's dictator makes a really poor foundation for their point of view.

We hope the Malaysian Buddhist Association will be able to take a step back and see that it does not represent the Buddha, or have the right to claim Buddha's teaching and the Truth as its own. To defame a belief that spreads the Truth and benefits people is an indication of a narrow and jealous mentality. We hope it will take an upright stance, and refrain from mixing good with evil.