(Clearwisdom.net) On April 12, 2004, I went to a fair to distribute truth-clarifying materials. There, I met a person who was selling clothes. As I was giving him the materials, another two men asked me for video CDs about the staged "Tiananmen self immolation." Since I did not have them on me, I promised to come back to bring them the VCDs that afternoon. When I arrived, the man who had accepted the materials that morning asked me to come over and he told me, "The other day when I was at the fair in Zhong Village, a lady also gave me a flyer about the persecution that Falun Gong has suffered. I became very angry after I read it." As he said this, he held the flyer up. I was a bit concerned and said to him, "Please don't wave it around. I am afraid that there may be plainclothes policemen at the fair." The policemen had once abducted me because someone reported me when I was distributing materials at the fair. Even though I eventually managed to get out of detention, it was nonetheless a big loss. Therefore I did not want to get into trouble because of him. However, he was not afraid at all and told me seriously, "If anybody asks me where the material came from, I will not tell him even if he beats me to death! This is because you are so good." At this time, the person beside him who was selling shoes also said, "I can tell that you are very righteous." He continued, pointing at Jiang's picture, "He is getting very bad. It will be the end of him."

I was very glad to hear what they said, knowing that they had truly awakened, were aware of the truth about Dafa, and had been saved. I told them to pass the materials to more people. They agreed, saying that they definitely would.

Some fellow practitioners said that I should not go to the fair to distribute truth-clarifying materials since I had been arrested last time when doing so. Master said,

"Also, with those people that you run into by chance, who you run into in daily life, and the people you run into at work, you should all clarify the truth to them. Even when in your daily life you pass by people so quickly that you don't have a chance a talk to them, you should still leave them with your compassion and kindness. Don't lose those who should be saved, especially those with predestined connections." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Alanta Fa Conference")

I think that if we always carry truth-clarification materials with us, we can give them to vendors since they are everywhere. It is faster if there are more people passing them around. Those who were originally unwilling to read them will read them under the influence of more people. Of course, we should pay attention to security issues and maintain strong righteous thoughts while distributing the truth-clarification materials.