Note: Knowing Chen Teng was largely responsible for the wide distribution of truth clarifying fliers in his hometown, and knowing to have endured painful persecution, Chen's childhood friends wrote the following anonymous letter to him.

Dear Chen Teng,

Greetings! More than a dozen years have passed in the blink of an eye, and we expect that you must have grown up to be a handsome young man. We cannot imagine how much pain and suffering you have endured over the past five years, but we firmly believe that "Heavenly justice will prevail very soon and the guilty will not escape." Sometime in the future the injustice suffered by Falun Dafa will be set right, and justice will be served.

We heard that you lost your dear grandmother and aunt during the hideous persecution, and you suffered time and time again the agony and pain of knowing that your mother was being detained in prison. We could sense the mental anguish you went through. Chen Teng, do not feel sad, and do not give in to the hardships and evildoers. There are many righteous people supporting you. We also want to support you with our limited resources. We are your childhood pals and we played together.

Do not feel hurt and despair. After the passing of a long and dark night, what awaits you will definitely be bright and glorious. Even though we have not learned Falun Dafa yet we really believe that Falun Dafa is infinitely precious. How could our great land of China, boasting more than five thousand years of civilization, became so dark and despicable to launch such an unprecedented persecution against her own good people? This is the agony and sorrow of all Chinese people.

Chen Teng, your mom, your grandmother and your aunt were all exemplary people and you should be proud of them. They did not just give you loving care; they also left compassion to this world. You should transform your sorrow into resolve. You should do more to expose this persecution and let more people know that Jiang himself instigated this persecution single handedly. He is the ultimate criminal. We would like to help to rescue your mom.

We believe you will reunite with your mom soon with your firm faith in Dafa and your ceaseless efforts. Do not forget that there are millions of upright Gods in the universe supporting you.

Please accept a token of our best regards. (Note: Here is 1,000 Yuan collected among your childhood playmates, relatives and friends. Please use it for printing more truth clarifying fliers.)


Your childhood playmates

June 2004