(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of July 29, 2003, the Baoding Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province carried out a so-called "test" for Falun Gong practitioners. Many guards grabbed wooden bats and electric batons to carry out this "examination." The exam questions were created to slander Dafa. When Dafa practitioners answered questions, if they did not answer with the stipulated "standard" answers, the guards used the electric batons to threaten them to revise their answers. If one did not revise their answer, the guards would use electric batons to shock him or wooden bats to beat their abdomen and chest. At that time, Ma Xinshun and over ten other Dafa practitioners were beaten.

On the afternoon of July 30, the guards called Mr. Ma Xinshun to the office and forced him to say that Falun Dafa was not good. He firmly refused to say so. Then, seven guards swarmed over him and beat him. Two of them picked him up and beat his chest and lower abdomen with wooden bats and electric batons. As a result, his whole body was severely injured. These seven guards are Li Dayong, Liu Yuesheng, Liu Qingyong, Zhang Qian, Li Mingzhi, Liu Zhe, and Wang Lei.

Guard Zhang Qian tied up Dafa practitioner Bian Liangjing with a thin rope. After tying him up tightly, he inserted a beverage bottle underneath the rope, which caused the rope to cut into his flesh. Mr. Bian's blood turned the rope red. The guards took off all of Mr. Bian's clothes and shocked him with two electric batons. They shocked the tip of his penis and his anus, which caused him extreme difficulty in relieving himself. The tip of his penis was nearly burnt off from being severely electrically shocked. Even now, the wound is still there. In order to cover up their crimes, the guards in Baoding Forced Labor Camp sent Mr. Bian into the guard chamber when higher authorities inspected the place. They did not allow other people to contact him. They did not allow him to eat meals in the cafeteria. They were afraid of exposure of their heinous acts of persecution. When guard Zhang Qian shocked people with electric batons, he laughed crazily and completely abandoned any semblance of human nature.