On the afternoon of July 15, 2004, Chuanhui District Court in Zhoukou City delivered judgments to 16 local Dafa practitioners and sentenced them to heavy prison terms on charges of "organizing and utilizing cults to damage law-enforcement." Dafa practitioners Zhu Weiqiang, Zheng Caihong and Tan Zhiqiang were each sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment and 5 years of deprivation of political rights. Lu Suying, Song Zhenling, Wang Chunling, Li Juan, Yang Fang and Ge Dahua were each sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment, and 3 years of deprivation of political rights. Yang Chao, Peng Guizhi, Du Yongzhong, Liu Xia and Liu Ningning were each sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment; Jia Hong and Wang Yuhua each 5 years of imprisonment.

On the morning of July 8, 2004, Chuanhui District Court held a secret trial of 12 Falun Gong practitioners arrested on February 19, 2004. The whole process severely violated the law.

In the courtroom, no defense lawyer was allowed for the practitioners, nor was there anyone allowed to be in the audience. Only people from the legal and judicial departments were present. At 10:00am, the 12 practitioners were taken into the courtroom. Dafa practitioner Li Juan cried out first: "Falun Dafa is good!" Then all the practitioners yelled together, "Falun Dafa is the righteous way!" and "Falun Dafa is good!" Their voices resonated over the courtroom.

When the presiding judge read the fabricated charges forced upon the practitioners, Dafa practitioner Wang Chunling yelled: "We are innocent! Restore the reputation of Dafa!" Then all of the practitioners said together: "All the charges forced upon us are lies!"

The presiding judge had the practitioners defend themselves. However, practitioner Zhu Jianwei was able to read only one third of his self-defense material before his microphone was taken away. Wang Chunling said again: "Falun Dafa is good!"

The presiding judge ended the trial at 5:00pm in a hurry. During the seven-hour trial, the 12 practitioners used their powerful righteous thoughts to restrain the evil and clarified the truth to the people present.

Presiding judge: Wand Guirong
Judges: Zhao Ying, Huang Hua
Secretary: Wang Lin, Peng Xin

Telephone numbers of responsible parties in Zhoukou City, Henan Province:

Party Secretary of Zhoukou City government: Dong Guangfeng, 86-394-8222398
Vice Party Secretary of Zhoukou City government: Fang Yanxiu, 86-394-8269852
Secretary of Legal and Political Committee: Wang Ai, 86-394-822582 (office); 86-394-8273319 (home)
Head of Propaganda Department: Mu Renxian, 86-394-8266689
Mayor: Gao Deling, 86-394-8279818
Vice mayor: Chen Yongshi, 86-394-8266588
Vice mayor: Li Zunjie, 86-394-8237888
Vice mayor: Mei Baoju, 86-394-8239996
"610 Office" director of City: Yu Yiyun, 86-394-8231268
Acting chairman of court: Li Wencan, 86-394-8231889
Police Department Director: Hu Antai, 86-394-8386850 ext. 22001 (Office); 86-13838669999 (Cell)
Police Department Vice Director: Yang Lide, 86-394-8222965; 86-394-8386850 (Office); 86-13903879968 (Cell)