Relatives of Ning Bo, a 73-year-old Falun Gong practitioner, are trying to sue Zhang Minghiang, the director of the Xi'an Police Station, because he brutally beat Ning. Zhang Mingjiang threatened that he would put the old man in prison as retaliation. Ning Bo, badly beaten, is now being held at the Dawa County Detention Center and his family members are forbidden from seeing him.

On May 19, the elderly Ning Bo was arrested at home by Zhang Mingjiang, brutally beaten and detained at the Dawa County Detention Center. Ning Bo asked the policemen why they always persecute good people and leave murderers and arsonists alone. Policeman Wu Jian said, "It's hard to catch a bad guy. The practitioners of Falun Gong are easy to catch!"

After Ning's family prosecuted Zhang Mingjiang through the Procuratorate, Zhang was shocked and began to resent the old man and his family. He threatened the family, saying that he would retaliate and make a false charge against him to immediately counter their lawsuit.

After the beating, Ning's right arm was immobilized. His waist was badly injured and he couldn't walk by himself. His family members tried to get justice through the related departments in the government. The officials in these departments tried to pass the responsibility onto each other. The family members were blocked from seeing Ning Bo on the designated meeting days. The director of the detention center, Deng Guorong, said to them, "Since the time when you first got to visit your Ning Bo, you went to many governmental departments including the courts, the Procuratorate, and the People's Congress. All of them found out that Ning Bo was beaten. Therefore, you are no longer allowed to see him."

After it became widely known publicly that Zhang Mingjiang abused Falun Gong practitioners, Zhang became very panicky. He issued the order that the police had to monitor a number of locations and arrest any practitioners who were spreading truth-clarifying materials.

Zhang Mingjiang and Vice Director Fu Zhengguo, along with other policemen, always broke into residents' houses in the name of searching for Falun Gong materials. On the afternoon of February 16, 2004, they searched the house of Falun Gong practitioner Ye Ximing and took away all of his Dafa materials. Policeman Wu Jian and Vice Director Fu Zhengguo stayed in Beijing where they arrested the Falun Gong practitioners who went there to appeal.

Related phone numbers:

The Director of the Political Security Office, Dawa County, Panjin City: Ding Xiqing, 86-427-6862905
The Director of the Police Station of Dawa County, Panjin City: Yang Wanguo, 86-427-2684201
The Vice Director of the Police Station of Dawa County, Panjin City: Liu Jingli, 86-427-2684007
The Dawa County Detention Center: 86-427-2684130
The Director of the Xi'an Police Station: Zhang Mingjiang, 86-427-6870056 (Home) 86-427-8892541 (Office)
Police Station: 86-427-8892110
The hospital where Zhang Mingjiang's wife is working--Tangjia Hospital: 86-427-6870166