Soon after my mother-in-law was released from prison, her sister suddenly developed something similar to cartilage in her back, which was so painful that she felt that she was hovering between life and death. While walking, she had to bend over almost ninety degrees, as if she were carrying a baby on her back. While sleeping, when she wanted to turn over, she had to first pick up and move one leg, then the other. Moreover, the growth put pressure on a nerve, which caused extreme pain. At the hospital, the doctor told her: "Pay 10,000 Yuan (1) first, then we will admit you to the hospital. But, no one can guarantee the results of an operation. Even an 80% chance of success can not be guaranteed." Her family was not rich at all. Both of her sons did not have formal jobs. One son drove a taxi, while the other did odds-and-ends. They could barely afford to live, so it was definitely impossible for them to afford such high medical costs. Therefore, she tried traditional Chinese medicine. She ended up spending several hundred Yuan without seeing any improvement.

Then her youngest son said: "Mom, I would suggest that you learn Falun Gong from my aunt (my mother-in-law). You know how her health was before. Currently, she does not have even a little bit of disease. She would not give up Falun Gong even if she were put into prison. Falun Gong is definitely very good." But her eldest son opposed, saying: "If you did recover by practicing Falun Gong without spending a penny, I would go onto the street to shout: ¡®Falun Dafa is good'." My aunt answered: "I hope to practice Falun Gong."

The next day she came to visit my mother-in-law, and expressed her desire to learn Falun Gong. Among her several sisters, she has the most ferocious, eager to excel, and jealous temperament. Whenever anyone offended her, she would sit on a bench cursing for several days. Although she was illiterate, she was very shrewd while doing any business. She was not at all willing to suffer losses. She would profit even at other people's expense, but never vice versa. Facing such a person, my mother-in-law asked: "Is it possible for you to learn Falun Gong? Are you competent? Falun Gong is a cultivation method following the principles of 'truthfulness-compassion-forbearance'. You like to swear." My aunt responded: "I can change." My mother-in law continued saying: "You like to profit at other people's expense, and are selfish." Again my aunt repeated: "I can change." My mother-in-law resumed: "Our Teacher requires not hitting back when being hit, not abusing back while being abused. You like to abuse others so much, is it possible for you to endure?" My aunt still repeated the same words. So, my mother-in-law continued: "Falun Gong requires cultivating xinxing [mind-heart nature, moral character]. So it is not enough to just practice the exercises. How can you read Dafa books since you are illiterate?" My aunt responded: "I will ask my daughter-in-law to read the books to me." My mother asked: "Is she willing to do that?" My aunt answered promptly: "Yes, she will do that." After considering for some time, my mother-in-law was not sure if my aunt was truly sincere. So, she did not respond immediately.

In the following days, my aunt followed my mother-in-law around most of the time. My mother-in-law thus recognized her sincerity and gave her several Dafa books, telling her: these books are so precious; you must read them at least once. Please return them at once if you do not read them. I will teach you the exercises after you finish reading.

After about 12 days, while my mother-in-law was buying produce in the farmers market, she heard someone greet her. Turning around, she saw my aunt. My mother-in-law asked her if she had finished reading. My aunt answered no; she still had more than 30 pages left. My mother-in-law felt a little uncertain. But, before my mother-in-law responded, my aunt said joyously: "Look, my back is straight now." Alas! Her back had straightened.

My mother-in-law was so happy too, asking: "Do you still feel pain or not?" "Only a little bit." While speaking, my aunt turned around to confirm what she said. Then she continued to tell about another miracle. Before she asked her daughter-in-law to read Zhuan Falun, her daughter-in-law had sprained her back. Her daughter-in-law sat before the mahjong table the whole day, and barely managed to read Dafa books to my aunt. That was why she had not finished reading for such a long time. But even so, after reading a few pages, her daughter-in-law's back recovered too. So, she was also directly affected by Dafa's miracle.

In this way, my aunt stepped onto the path of cultivation. Later, she was stopped by her in-law, and received a good scolding. She only smiled without retorting. Her relative was shocked. Formerly when she bought vegetables, she would tear away the leaves down to the core. Now she never does that. She also never adds more vegetables after paying or steals a little bit unnoticed. A proverb says: The leopard never changes its spots. However, Dafa can easily change the most odious part of human nature, and purify polluted human hearts.

As it should be, her health improved day by day without her having to spend a penny or suffer. What she did was get rid of her bad thoughts, and then she gained a healthy body. Isn't that magical?

Her eldest son witnessed this miracle. After that he said to everyone he met: "Falun Dafa is good." If anybody said no, he would say: "Have you experienced Dafa's miracle? Do you know Falun Gong? Are you acquainted with any Faln Gong practitioners? I personally witnessed..."


(1) Yuan is the Chinese currency. 500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.