Mr. Yan Xinpei, 66, was a farmer from Kai County, Chongqing City. He used to suffer from numerous illnesses such as lung cancer. After he started practicing Falun Gong in March 1997, his ailments disappeared after just one week. The doctor conducting his physical exam could not find anything wrong with him.

The Kai County Police abducted him in April 2001, and sentenced him to two years in a labor camp. Police and drug-addict inmates at the Xishanping Labor Camp brutally tortured Mr. Yan because of his perseverance in his faith.

Guard Liu Qidou severely beat him. Every time Squadron Leader Liu Hua wanted to talk to Mr. Yan, he ordered drug-addict inmates to drag him to his office. Mr. Yan was also severely tortured while in the "Tight Discipline Team." Each day he was forced to stand or sit with both hands behind his back for 17-18 hours. He was allowed to urinate only once each day, and defecate once every three days. Each day he only received about a quarter or a third of the regular rations. Furthermore, drug addicts He Weidong, Diao Xiaowei and several others inmates regularly beat and cursed him, or used despicable ways to torture him under encouragement from the guards. Such nonstop torture eventually reduced Mr. Yan to a mere skeleton. He began experiencing tremors both in his body and his head. He often lost consciousness, and he could not take care of himself. Even though he was sent to hospital many times, inmate He Weidong declared that Mr. Yan was faking his sickness. Later, after intense demands from the Falun Gong practitioners within the Squadron, the labor camp finally sent Mr. Yan to the Chongqing City no.9 People's Hospital for a physical examp. Later, his family was ordered to take Mr. Yan home.

Guards who directly participated in torturing Mr. Yan: Li Qidou, Liu Hua, Li Qiwei, Xiao Xingming, Tian Xin, and Wang Cheng, etc.

Drug addict inmates who directly participated in torturing Mr. Yan: He Weidong, Xia Xianke and Diao Xiaowei, etc.