(Clearwisdom.net) On July 31 and August 1, 2004, the first college and high-school students Falun Dafa Study Camp was held in Taiwan Jiaotung University. More than 50 students from colleges and high schools learned Falun Dafa in the three-day activities, including lectures, video programs, and a concert. The participants all had a good time and felt it was very successful.

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Students learn Falun Gong

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Practitioners practice in the morning

As young people like to learn together, a Falun Dafa study camp was organized and welcomed. In addition to showing Master Li's lecture in Guangzhou, practitioners taught the five-sets of exercises. Experience sharing was also arranged. Chang Tian-shan from Tsing Hua University gave a speech titled "Why to cultivate as youth". Shi hsue-ke gave a talk titled "Revealing Pre-historical Civilization". Dr. Ao Man-guan talked on healthy body and mind. Attorney Chu Wan-qi, professor Chung Gu-lan and professor Ai Chang-rui also made speeches. The students enjoyed the lectures very much.

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Chang Tian-shan from Tsing Hua University shares practice experience
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Attorney Chu Wan-qi shares practice experience

In addition, movie and folk opera were shown. An outdoor concert was held to enrich the study camp. The students were impressed with the plays.

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Outdoor concert

When asked about the impact of this event, the students said, "We don't get angry like we used to. Now we have the courage to cope with problems." "It made me think twice about what the real meaning of life is." "I hope to practice Truth, Compassion, Tolerance in my daily life." They did not only hope to practice themselves, but also to help end the 'persecution.

This event was the first organized one by and for students. The participants were from all over Taiwan. The staff of the event contributed selflessly to arrange the activities. The event was successful. Someone even suggested that similar activity could be held in other locations of Taiwan to have more students benefit from the practice.

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Practicing the exercises on the third day

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Young students participated in the study camp

We are sorry for the students in China. Jiang faction's brutal persecution has been five years. The persecution instills hatred in innocent children. However, as more and more people with righteous minds stand out to call for an end of the persecution, right will prevail over wrong. Some day soon, a Falun Dafa study camp will be able to be held in China to have students learn the grace of Dafa.