(Clearwisdom.net) Jiang Xiaofeng is a Falun Gong practitioner from Shenyang in China. He studied in Ireland from 1998 to 2000. In May of 2000, he returned to China. Recently we heard that he has been arrested and sent to Shenyang Zhangsi Forced Labour Camp. Zhangsi Forced Labour Camp is just as bad as the notorious Masanjia Forced Labour camp, Longshan Foced Labour Camp, Guanshan Forced Labour Camp and Dabei Prison. The officials in Shenyang Zhangsi Forced Labour Camp use all kinds of brutal methods to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. To this day, at least eleven practitioners have died as a result of the persecution.

We call for all people to help seek the release of Jiang Xiaofeng and all the practitioners held in Chinese prisons and forced labour camps.

Contact details of those involved in the persecution of Jiang Xiaofeng

Shenyang Longshan Labour Camp, Second Team, Captain: Wang Jinhui (female)

Office Telephone Number: 86-24-761745; 86-24-760624

Postcode: 110173

Zhangsi Forced Labour Camp, Head of Management Department: Li Cai

Mobile: 86-13898846071

Office telephone number£º86-24-25811657

Cheng Diankun (political commissar, responsible person)

Mobile: 86-13700027456

Office telephone number£º86-24-25363255


Zhangsi Forced Labour Camp, the fifth Changing Team

Political Instructor£ºSong Baishun

Head of the Team£ºZhou Xiangyu

Office telephone number£º86-24-25811547

Shi Fengyou, male, is forty seven years old and is the Deputy Manager of the Management Department of Shenyang Zhangsi Forced Labour Camp. He is in charge of the "Brain Washing Class" and lives in the Yuhong Airport Family Members Building. He joined the army at Changling county, Jilin province. Later he was serving at Yuhong airport (Air Force), now he has been transferred to do civilian work. He is a very sinister and evil person. He always uses sly methods to trick those who practise Falun Gong together with cruel torture and deceit.

Shi Fengyou's Mobile: 86-13309888036

Brainwashing Class Telephone Number£º86-24-25363870; 86-24-25811634

Shenyang Administration of Justice Office: Deputy head of the office (Main Convict) 86-24-22854589(Office)

Shenyang Zhangsi Forced Labour Camp, Deputy Head: Cheng Diankun



Zhang Yi: 86-24-25363255(Office)

Li Cai£º86-24-25811657(Office);

Song Baishun, Zhou Xiangyu, Chen Wei: 86-24-25811547

Zhangsi Foced Labour Camp "Special Focus Team", police who are involved in the persecution:

Song Baishun: Political Instructor

Chen Wei: Deputy Team Leader

Yang Shu: Deputy Team Leader

Teng Fuxun: General Team Leader

Wei xx: General Team Leader

Hong Jianxiang: General Team Leader

General Involved:

Xu Gensheng: Team Leader

Ma Zhigang: Team Leader

Wang Yi: Team Leader

Cao QingLu: Team Leader

Fan Leader

Gao Leader

Zhangsi Brainwashing Class (Education in the school of law) Police who are involved in the persecution:

Cheg Diankun: Political Commissar

Zhang Yi: Deputy Headmaster

Li Cai: Head of Management Department

Shi Fengyou: Deputy Head of Management Department

Guan Feng: Assistant of the Head of the Institute

Zhou Xiangyu: Team Leader, in charge of mental persecution

Xia Cheng: Team Leader

Zhang Hong Da

Liu Hong Tao: General Team Leader

Pan Jinwei: General Team Leader