(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Zhang Zhong, a Falun Dafa practitioner in Daqing, is steadfast in practicing "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." He built a cable TV signal interceptor to expose the crimes committed by Jiang's regime in persecuting practitioners and deceiving people. In mid-April 2002, he was arrested by Daqing police, and in December he was sentenced to 12 years in prison and sent to the 3rd prison area of Daqing Jail.

After Zhang Zhong was sent to the prison, he remained steadfast in practicing Falun Gong. He was brutally tortured, shackled and hung up many times. At 9 a.m. on January 15, 2004, the Vice Supervisor of 3rd prison area Li Fangjie and others violently tortured Zhang Zhong. They kicked him, and pricked him with needles until he vomited blood, just because he insisted on practicing the Falun Gong exercises. As a result, he is unable to digest any food and he vomits whatever he eats. A prolonged period of vomiting then led to emaciation of his muscles and organs throughout his body. There have been instances of his heart temporary stopping. His blood pressure is extremely low, hovering between 40 to 54 mhg. He has been on the brink of death several times and sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Four doctors have placed him on the "imminent death" list. Still, Daqing Jail refused to release Zhang Zhong, and gave him IV fluids for a long time. When this wasn't enough, he was put on oxygen therapy to maintain his life. A strong young man that previously weighed 70 kilograms (about 155 pounds) was tortured until he became so thin he looks like a walking skeleton. He has only had four bowel movements in the last six months. His survival has even shocked the doctors. Moreover, he doesn't sweat; on several occasions the few drops of urine he discharged contained blood.

Many prisoners were speechless with fear after seeing him as they have never seen such a thin person. He is almost mummy-like. Even so, the administrators of the jail and "610 Office" (1) would not consent to his release. Zhang Zhong's father spent a lot of time every day looking for help to get his son out of prison.

On the afternoon of July 23, Zhang Zhong was pushed out of the jail after experiencing a fever and being in a coma for three consecutive days, despite receiving oxygen therapy. Penniless, Zhang Zhong's father asked for help from any source he could think of; so far he has not received any help. He requested funding from the factory but didn't receive any response to his request. Zhang's father wanted to take his son to Harbin City for treatment, but the factory security guard would not allow him to leave Daqing. Eventually, the father became angry! He was willing to carry his son to the factory on his back. Only after stating this did the factory cadres relent as they were afraid of being held responsible for Zhang Zhong's death. At present, it is difficult to predict whether Zhang Zhong will survive'.

Gao Qing, Daqing Jail Hospital Director: 86-459-5059828 (Office), 86-459-6852986 (Home), 86-13804696394 (Cell)

Huang Zhiwei, Daqing Jail Hospital Vice-director: 86-459-5059828 (Office), 86-13091685087 (Cell)

Li Fengjiang, 7th prison area supervisor: 86-459-5059233 (Office), 86-459-5962033 (Home), 86-13359603366 (Cell)

Tang Yongfu, warden: 86-459-5056688 (Office), 86-459-5105087 (Home), 86-13303690588 (Cell)

Chen Qingfa, commissar: 86-459-5058588 (Office), 86-459-4686358 (Home), 86-13329491288 (Cell)

Wang Jiaren, vice-warden: 86-459-5050616 (Office), 86-459-4687616 (Home), 86-13303691339 (Cell)

Zhang Yajun, vice-warden: 86-459-5059122 (Office), 86-459-6388889 (Home), 86-13359825633 (Cell)

Jiang Shuchen, vice-warden: 86-459-5059808 (Office), 86-459-6783122 (Home), 86-13936711131 (Cell)

Wang Yingjie, vice-warden: 86-459-5059919 (Office), 86-459-6363870 (Home), 86-13329393777 (Cell)

Tan Ronglai, Political Section chief: 86-459-5050618 (Office), 86-459-6133365 (Home), 86-13304694188 (Cell)

Xu Zhi, Political Section vice-chief: 86-459-5059918 (Office), 86-13936702596 (Cell)

Ma Wenyu, Political Section vice-chief: 86-459-5050613 (Office), 86-459-4621138 (Home), 86-13936999985 (Cell)

Gong Huaqiang, Disciplinary Inspection Monitor Chamber chief: 86-459-5059590 (Office), 86-459-4660518 (Home), 86-13845929612 (Cell)

Jiang Yanzhang, Labour Union vice-President: 86-459-5058920 (Office), 86-459-4687219 (Home), 86-13936918785 (Cell)

Gong Wei, Office chief: 86-459-5059415 (Office), 86-459-6382035 (Home), 86-13329390444 (Cell)

Zou Qingyu, Office vice-chief: 86-459-5059917 (Office), 86-459-6388125 (Home), 86-13936997979 (Cell)

Guo Chuntang, Education Reform Section chief: 86-459-5059750(Office), 86-459-6388886 (Home), 86-13039882277 (Cell)

Shi Huixue, Education Reform Section vice-chief: 86-459-5059750 (Office), 86-459-6303061 (Home), 86-13069603307 (Cell)

Dong Guochang, Education Reform Section vice-chief: 86-459-5059750 (Office), 86-459-4607527 (Home)

Wang Licheng, Accounting Department vice-chief: 86-459-5059920 (Office), 86-459-6291299 (Home), 86-13936705555 (Cell)

Zhao Qingjie, Accounting Department vice-chief: 86-459-5059767 (Office), 86-459-6371869 (Home), 86-13504591122 (Cell)

Zhuang Shuben, Production Section chief: 86-459-5059073 (Office), 86-459-5992988 (Home), 86-13009833636 (Cell)

Li Hongda, Production Section vice-chief: 86-459-5059890(Office), 86-459-6867468(Home), 86-13199077008(Cell)

Yuan Hongjun, Daily General Management Section chief: 86-459-5059891 (Office), 86-459-6159990 (Home), 86-13089081990 (Cell)

Zhang Lijing, Daily General Management Section chief: 86-459-5059891 (Office), 86-459-6388960 (Home), 86-13936741257 (Cell)

Han Jiayi, Prison Political Section chief: 86-459-5059900 (Office), 86-459-6283035 (Home), 86-13059050546 (Cell)

Xu Jiamin, Prison Political Section vice-chief: 86-459-6366017 (Office), 86-13936977750 (Cell)

Wang Cheng, Prison Political Section vice-chief: 86-459-5059033 (Office), 86-459-6683667 (Home), 86-13936760166 (Cell)

Wang Xiyi, Prison Detecting Section chief: 86-459-5059892 (Office), 86-459-4681337 (Home), 86-13946903330 (Cell)

Wang Liguo, Prison Detecting Section vice-chief: 86-459-5059892 (Office), 86-459-6388119 (Home), 86-13945902020 (Cell)

Wang Haiquan, Prison Detecting Section vice-chief: 86-459-5059892 (Office), 86-459-6398098 (Home), 86-13936923888 (Cell)

Zhang Guoliang, 1st prison area supervisor: 86-459-5059423 (Office), 86-459-5399061 (Home), 86-13069679132 (Cell)

Ye Wenhui, 1st prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059423 (Office), 86-459-5982371 (Home), 86-13069600810 (Cell)

Liu Shengyu, 1st prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059423, (Office) 86-459-6687062 (Home), 86-13039825600 (Cell)

Chen Yubin, 1st prison area instructor: 86-459-5059423 (Office), 86-459-4893913 (Home), 86-13019087748 (Cell)

Dong Menghuan, 2nd prison area instructor: 86-459-5059596 (Office), 86-459-4686883 (Home), 86-13059041717 (Cell)

Zhu Renshan, 2nd prison area supervisor: 86-459-5059596 (Office), 86-459-5699290 (Home), 86-13936776952 (Cell)

Zhu Wenwu, 2nd prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059596 (Office), 86-459-6688246 (Home), 86-13054213979 (Cell)

Cao Wenzhao, 2nd prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059596 (Office), 86-459-6683203 (Home), 86-13945910985 (Cell)

Zhu Rui, 3rd prison area supervisor: 86-459-5059835 (Office), 86-459-6180660 (Home), 86-13936723666 (Cell)

Li Fangjie, 3rd prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059835 (Office), 86-459-5825637 (Home), 86-13091681555 (Cell)

Wang Yalong, 3rd prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059835 (Office), 86-459-5827085 (Home), 86-13019776633 (Cell)

Cheng Junchang, 4th prison area supervisor: 86-459-5059834 (Office), 86-459-6868664 (Home), 86-13019070892 (Cell)

Guan Jian, 4th prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059834 (Office), 86-459-6366453 (Home), 86-13091699957 (Cell)

Chu Zhongxin, 4th prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059834 (Office), 86-459-4686728 (Home), 86-13936729603 (Cell)

Li Weinan, 4th prison area instructor: 86-459-5059834 (Office), 86-459-4623917 (Home), 86-13199066767 (Cell)

Wang Hongxi, 5th prison area supervisor: 86-459-5050422 (Office), 86-459-6373608 (Home), 86-13936761618 (Cell)

Wang Defeng, 5th prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5050422 (Office), 86-459-4622466 (Home), 86-13945955956 (Cell)

Liu Shouchun, 5th prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5050422 (Office), 86-459-6368717 (Home)

Wang Zhongming, 6th prison area supervisor: 86-459-5058609 (Office), 86-459-5815681 (Home), 86-13936758222 (Cell)

Liu Hongwei, 6th prison area instructor: 86-459-5058609(Office), 86-459-5796539 (Home), 86-13945962392 (Cell)

Liu Chunzhi, 6th prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5058609 (Office), 86-459-6766285 (Home), 86-13019083428 (Cell)

Hao Junfeng, 6th prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5058609 (Office), 86-459-6683545 (Home), 86-13936731789 (Cell)

Gao Changhua, 7th prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059233 (Office), 86-459-6369885 (Home), 86-13936998789 (Cell)

Huo Weidong, 7th prison area vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059233 (Office), 86-459-6388861 (Home), 86-13059065518 (Cell)

Pan Shaolin, Prison Admission section of Entrance and Exit, supervisor: 86-459-5059704 (Office), 86-459-6678320 (Home), 86-13845951567 (Cell)

Cui Shijun, Prison Admission section of Entrance and Exit, instructor: 86-459-5059704 (Office), 86-459-6328933 (Home), 86-13936836930 (Cell)

Li Zhenxing, Prison Admission section of Entrance and Exit, vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059704 (Office), 86-459-6288707 (Home), 86-13059042788 (Cell)

Li Hai, Prison Admission section of Entrance and Exit, vice-supervisor: 86-459-5059704 (Office), 86-459-6337570 (Home), 86-13845920440 (Cell)

Yuan Ligang, Administration Brigade chief: 86-459-4666660 (Office), 86-13936939000 (Cell)

Fu Xuelin, Administration Brigade instructor: 86-459-6865576 (Office), 86-13904698905 (Cell)

Liang Shougui, Administration Brigade vice-chief: 86-459-5796937 (Office), 86-13936702683 (Cell)

Tian Xifeng, Administration Brigade vice-chief: 86-459-4624333 (Office), 86-13845968800 (Cell)


(1). "610 Office" - an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.