(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Rong Benda, 39, was born in Rongjiatun Village, Jiangshan Town, Laixi City, in Shandong Province. He has become well known in the surrounding villages for being helpful and saving other people without seeking any reward. Whenever his name is mentioned among people in nearby villages, they all will say, "Rong Benda has become a good person after learning Falun Gong." Let me tell the story below.

Before he began practicing Falun Dafa, Rong Benda was a notorious bully in our village, wanting to fight with everyone, and everyone tried to avoid him. Neighbors, relatives, and friends were all somewhat afraid of him. He argued often with his wife. His wife began practicing Falun Gong first. Rong followed suit, in the winter of 1998, after seeing the positive physical and mental changes in his wife. After he began cultivation in Falun Dafa, he began to understand the true meaning and purpose of life, and realized that people ought to be good. He was determined to follow the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance" and become a good person.

Rong Benda was a heavy smoker, and he was addicted to alcohol too. It would be extremely difficult for a non-practitioner to overcome these addictions. After he began practicing Falun Dafa and learned that as a practitioner he should not smoke or drink, he stopped them right away. After a period of time, not only were his addictions to smoking and drinking gone, but his day-to-day behavior also changed dramatically. It was as though he had turned into a brand new person. He no longer lost his temper, nor did he feel like competing or fighting with people. Both his speech and behavior became calm and peaceful. The principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance" took root deeply in his mind.

The most dramatic incident occurred after Jiang and his followers had begun the persecution of Falun Gong.

About 3 p.m. on October 22, 2001, Mr. Rong's son and Wang Ai, the son of Wang Xingfu who lived in Lijiazhuang Village in Jiangshan Town, and six other friends were playing basketball together. Wang Ai suddenly fainted and fell to the ground. Many people on the basketball court came around to look, but no one tried to help. Mr. Rong's mother, who was there, felt the urgency of the situation and rushed to her son's home and told him the situation. Upon hearing the news, Mr. Rong rushed to the basketball court on his motorcycle. Seeing that the young boy lying there was in truly critical condition, he turned back immediately and went to the village taxi driver, Rong Benhai's house. He told Rong Benhai the situation and the two of them rushed back to the basketball court. Mr. Rong lifted the child up and put him into the taxi, while the village director, Rong Benfu, who had just arrived at the scene, opened the taxi door for them. They rushed to Jiangshan Hospital. The doctor on duty saw that the boy was in critical condition and blamed them for not taking him there sooner. After the taxi driver explained to him what had happened, the doctor praised their honorable actions. He informed the director of the hospital and they began emergency rescue procedures on Ai. After their emergency treatment, the child gradually began to recover. He was able to breathe and his pulse began to beat again. Everybody involved felt relieved. Around this time, a member of Wang Ai's family arrived at the hospital too.

With the child out of critical condition, they brought him home. A few days later, Wang Ai's father Wang Xingfu brought valuable gifts to Rong Benda's house to thank him, and he wanted him to become Wang's Ai's godfather. Mr. Rong thanked him for the presents and asked Wang Xingfu, "Do you know why I am doing this?" Xingfu shook his head. Rong Benda told him, "I cultivate Falun Dafa. Our Teacher asked us to follow the principles of ‘Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance' to become good people. It is our Teacher who taught us. You do not need to thank me. You should thank Dafa, and thank our Teacher." Mr. Rong asked Xingfu to stay for lunch, and insisted that he take the presents home. Mr. Wang was so touched that he shed tears. Rong Benda told him: "If it were not for my cultivation in Falun Dafa, I would have no problem taking presents from you, even if it was a thousand yuan. Practitioners all try to be good people and adhere to the principles of ‘Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.' Since we are going to be a good person in all situations, we don't expect to get any reward doing good deeds." Mr. Wang thanked Rong Benda again and again and went home.

This incident caused quite a stir among the local people. Everyone said that the change in Rong Benda was so dramatic, and praised him a lot. They all told him that it is more difficult to change one's character than it is to move a mountain or divert a river, but it was clearly not so with Rong Benda. He has truly turned into a superior person.