(Clearwisdom.net) After studying "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference", I have many thoughts. I would like to share an experience with all of you.

In order to validate Dafa and clarify the truth of Dafa to people, we need cooperation among Dafa practitioners. As a particle of Dafa, we represent the image of Dafa. When fellow practitioners have serious problems, we should point them out as soon as possible. The following are two cases in which some of my problems were pointed out by fellow practitioners.

Once I rented an apartment for a fellow practitioner who became homeless because of the persecution. We had hoped she could print materials in it. But she frequently went outside to put up truth-clarifying posters. I was worried about this, so together with another practitioner, we went to the apartment to visit her. Since she was out, we waited in the room. When she came back, she could not unlock the door. Later we adjusted our attitude, and then she was able to unlock the door. The first sentence when she entered the room was: "You have too much fear." I was unhappy to hear that. After she sat down, we asked her again not to go outside so often. She said that I was too cautious and timid! I said: "If I was fearful, I wouldn't have rented the room for you." She said, "You should rent rooms for homeless fellow practitioners, and renting a room does not mean that you have no fear." I did not become angry at that moment on the surface, but in my mind I was thinking, "You did not do well and became homeless, so I rented a room for you at great risk. Instead of showing gratitude, you do not listen to us and blame us."

But Teacher has said that we should look inwards no matter what happens. When our mind is not tranquil, we may always think that we are right and others are wrong. So, I started studying the Fa. I read four or five chapters of Zhuan Falun without stopping. Finally I realized my problem: I tried to persuade fellow practitioners not to go out, because I was afraid of being involved if something happened to the fellow practitioner. Actually I do have the mentality of fear. The only thing is that when a fellow practitioner pointed it out, her tone was not so kind, so I did not want to change myself. Then I thought: if Teacher had said this to me, would I listen and change myself? Of course I would. At this point, my mind became more peaceful. I should get rid of my mentality of fear and other impure thoughts, and care for fellow practitioners wholeheartedly. Later she no longer blamed me and did not go out as often.

In another case, I discussed with a fellow practitioner the issue of posting Dafa truth-clarification materials. I made wild gestures when talking. That fellow practitioner said: "Please do not make so many gestures. I do not like it when you talk like that." I was unhappy to hear those words. But I quickly adjusted my mindset and thought: if teacher said this to me, would I accept it? Yes, I would accept it. I know this was my mentality of showing-off, which is still there. The fellow practitioner had simply pointed it out.

We should cherish fellow practitioners' remarks, look inward unconditionally and upgrade ourselves as soon as possible. In that way, we could feel no regret as Fa-rectification Dafa practitioners, and do a good job in saving all beings.

June 18, 2004