(Clearwisdom.net) Some veteran practitioners may experience the phenomena of physical discomfort, or some light, illness-like, symptoms. Usually, practitioners just treat it as "eliminating karma," and simply accept it. But this behavior is possibly acknowledging the old force's arrangement. As practitioners at this special moment in history, we not only have a Teacher who watches out for us at every step during our cultivation, but we also have the old forces' detailed arrangements. When the phenomena of "eliminating karma" appear, our first thoughts should be to deny the old forces' arrangements.

The first thing in the Fa-rectification period for us to do is to assist our Teacher and validate the Fa. Teacher's arrangement for us to cultivate and improve xinxing (mind nature or moral character) is achieved through the process of Fa rectification. But the old forces insist that self improvement and getting rid of attachments is the top priority. The old forces purposely selected and arranged the consummation of our cultivation. Their true intention was to protect themselves from being eliminated. Teacher wants to save every sentient being in the cosmos, takes great effort to pave a path toward consummation for every one of us, and endows us with eternal mighty virtue.

During the current special period, the old forces have made detailed arrangements targeting our attachments. I admit that I have attachments that need to be eliminated, but I never acknowledge the old force or its arrangements. Even when facing difficulties and tribulations, I still deny the old forces. Because I cultivate Falun Dafa, it is my Teacher who will arrange the whole cultivation process for me. This is a fundamental issue …quot; whether we cultivate under Teacher's Fa-rectification or under the old forces'-defined "self cultivation." Our understanding and attitude on this issue will determine whether we can fully follow our Teacher's request of doing three things well. If a practitioner is unable to understand his cultivation from the aspect of Fa-rectification, he will easily lose his way and his cultivation will be severely affected.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.

June 23, 2004