On February 20, 2004, Mr. Yang Jianpo, a Dafa practitioner from Langfang City, Hebei Province was again illegally sent to Tangshan Kaiping Forced Labor Camp. From the first day of his detention, he went on a hunger strike to protest. He firmly refused to cooperate with the evil, had righteous thoughts and behavior, and conducted a hunger strike for 110 days. Eventually he walked out of the camp on June 8, and returned home.

Within those three months of detention, practitioners in the local and nearby areas clarified the truth, cooperated with each other, sent forth righteous thoughts, and exposed the evil. They sent letters, called the Tangshan Forced Labor Camp and relevant government departments, and exposed the evildoings of the perpetrators of the persecution on the Internet. At the same time, they handed out a large quantity of materials and posted notices about Yang Jianpo's great changes, "finding the true way" practicing Falun Gong, and the persecution he and his wife had suffered over the past several years. This clearly frightened those perpetrating the evil deeds. His wife Nie Chunling took the opportunity to clarify the truth openly and with dignity a number of times at the forced labor camp, public security bureau and the appeal office. She wanted to assure people that Dafa could save those who held kind-thoughts. The followings are a few stories that may possibly help fellow practitioners.

1. The Elderly Gate Guard Listens to the Truth

When Nie Chunling heard that her husband was again kidnapped, and found that her home was ransacked (she was not at home at that time), she first felt helpless. She remembered that her husband had been busy clarifying the truth, but had rarely studied the Fa or sent forth righteous thoughts. He also did not listen to other practitioners' kind reminders. Thus, there was a loophole for the evil to take advantage of. After she studied the Fa and adjusted her point of view she realized that her initial thoughts were incorrect. Even though there was a loophole, it couldn't become an excuse for the evil persecution. We should completely reject it, and walk on the path that was arranged by Teacher. We should appeal under the law, because all the things the evil had perpetrated on Falun Gong practitioners were illegal. Hence, with the help of fellow practitioners, Nie Chunling wrote a letter to the relevant cadres of each rank. She talked about the great changes they had experienced physically and spiritually after practicing Falun Gong, the persecution they suffered for several years, and the kidnapping of Yang Jianpo. She also wrote about his hunger strike and that his health was in critical condition.

First, Nie Chunling and her daughter delivered the letter to the Guangyang District Public Security Sub-bureau. At the gate, the guard, an elderly person, became unyielding immediately once he heard that they were Falun Gong practitioners. He did not allow them to enter, no matter what they said. He said: "The government does not allow you to practice! You still do?" They sent forth righteous thoughts to resist the interference. Not long after that, he asked them to wait and he would make a call. He came back to say that none of the cadres were present (actually they were there but did not want to see her). Then Nie Chunling told him that she became free of all diseases after she began to practice Falun Gong. She told him her husband's cultivation story and the brutal persecution they suffered. Afterwards, the elderly man understood the truth, and realized practitioners are good people. He immediately became peaceful and helped her make calls to the right people.

2. Public Security Section Chief Listens to the Truth

Nie Chunling and her daughter went to see Yang Hua, the section chief of the City Public Security Bureau (this person has been in charge of persecuting Falun Gong). Regrettably, Yang Hua was not there. She met a young policeman. Once he heard that they were Falun Gong practitioners, his manner became extremely distant. After they explained their purpose for coming, he was even filled with fury. He did not want to listen to the truth, and even began to hit the daughter. They had to leave and intended to tell the situation to the director general. They saw a director, and were told to see a certain section chief at the Inquiry Office downstairs.

They went downstairs. It was close to the end of the workday and many police officers were in the corridor. She and her daughter remained upright and kept sending forth righteous thoughts. The section chief, once they reached his office, welcomed them with open arms. Then Nie Chunling introduced herself, explained her purpose, and told him of the young policeman's repulsive behavior. She then continued to explain about the benefits they received from practicing Falun Gong and the situation of the persecution in details. She told him that her husband was abducted recently, that he was on a hunger strike and that their home was ransacked. The police even took the money from the saving tin that was given to her child as a New Year gift. They also stole the stock they purchased with borrowed funds for setting up a small business. She also told him that they even took the flashlight and batteries. Moreover, the police served them a "detention subpoena" after many days, but with other people's name on it.

This section chief listened and made some notes. At last, Nie Chunling also told him the truth of the "Tiananmen Self-immolation incident". Afterwards, he said with a regretful manner that he did not understand Falun Gong some time ago. He once led others to arrest his relative who practiced Falun Gong in 1999, but he now understood the truth. Then he furiously said, "It does not matter who or what Yang Jianpo had committed, the police officer must serve a subpoena before arresting people, and a search warrant for ransacking a home. Moreover, they must provide a list of the belongings they confiscated, and a reeducation certificate to send a person to a forced labor camp. This is the legal procedure, and the public officers must do things according to the law." He then picked up the telephone, criticized the policeman and asked him to pay attention to the image of the public security force. He also promised that he would report their situation to his superior, and told them which departments were important for their appeal. On their way out, he escorted them to the front door, and kindly asked Nie's daughter to look after her mother.

3. The Inquiry Office Personnel Listen to the Truth

The next day, Nie Chunling and her daughter visited the Guangyang Public Security Bureau Inquiry Office again. An officer let them enter. Nie Chunling explained the purpose of her visit, and handed over the letter. After he read the letter, he closed the office door. He turned around and said angrily, "They are a hoodlum regime, and it is as if the Party is run by bandits." Then he suggested that they visit the "Disciplinary Inspection Commission." He suggested to change certain sensitive words in the letter, otherwise the people in that office wouldn't dare to accept it. It would be better to write from a legal angle. The mother and daughter thanked him for his sympathy and understanding of Dafa practitioners. They asked him to remember that "Falun Dafa is great", and that doing so would bring him and his family members wonderful futures.

4. An Old Public Security Cadre Listens to the Truth on the Train

After Nie Chunling had been told that her husband was critically ill, she decided to visit him without delay. There is a legal and moral obligation to visit a husband who is critically ill. Also, she saw this as a wonderful opportunity to clarify the truth to the policemen. Therefore, she and her daughter took the train to Tangshan.

She noticed a police officer and his wife, between the ages of 50 and 60 years old, sitting close to them. He looked like a cadre. Nie Chunling did not want to miss the chance to clarify the truth to them. She changed the seat with the person next to them, and asked, "You must be a police officer?" That person answered: "Yes." "Can I ask you some questions?" He said: "Ok." Nie Chunling proceeded to tell him about her husband's present predicament and asked him what she could do. He earnestly and warmheartedly told her what she could do. Then Nie Chunling talked about the benefits her husband and she gained after practicing Falun Gong, the brutal persecution, the "Tiananmen Self-immolation incident," etc. She talked loudly on purpose, and many of the passengers around them listened quietly. Then, Nie Chunling talked about her ordeals. She told them that she had been arrested several times and that she was once beaten by the Tangshan Fengrun police until she lost consciousness. The policeman's wife had tears in her eyes and the policeman was also deeply moved. He expressed his deepest sympathy for Falun Gong practitioners. He also said that they dealt with Falun Gong issues relatively gently in his area, because they all knew the practitioners are good people. The train arrived at Tangshan, they got off together, and the daughter helped them to carry their luggage. Before they separated, Nie gave them truth-clarification material, and they accepted it happily.

5. The Police at the Forced Labor Camp Listen to the Truth

Nie Chunling and her children have visited the forced labor camp four times. Camp authorities refused them entry, with excuses such as, "two congress meetings" and "May 1" public holiday. Mrs. Nie and her children were also driven by human notions and thus unconsciously obeyed the arrangements of the evil. Later they enlightened that such notions were unacceptable. Dafa practitioners are great gods, how can one accept evil arrangements and be governed by them. Therefore, she strengthened her righteous thoughts about visiting her husband, to help him understand his situation on the basis of Fa, to find his loopholes and to deny the old force arrangements. She was told that her husband was critically ill again. This time, she and her daughter kept sending forth righteous thoughts at home and on the way to the labor camp. They wanted to eliminate the evil elements in other dimensions around the forced labor camp, and asked Teacher to strengthen them.

When they arrived for the fifth time at the labor camp, the guards at the entrance again refused their visits because they were "steadfast" in their practice of Falun Gong. Nie Chunling seriously told them, "My husband is critically ill. I am his wife. Practicing Falun Gong does not violate any legal or moral law. This is not an uncalled-for request. Why don't you allow me to visit with him? Do you still have a small part of human nature? I must see him today whether you allow me or not! I won't go home without seeing him!" Upon listening to this, the police replied immediately, "We need to discuss this." Nie Chunling and her daughter waited and sent forth righteous thoughts. Eventually the forced labor camp agreed.

Nie and her daughter were taken into the courtyard of the forced labor camp. Her husband, the young girl's father, was propped up against a sofa. He was very skinny, pale and emaciated. Nie Chunling discovered a guard with a camera who was ready to record the visit. She asked him, "What are you doing? Do you want to film, broadcast lies and deceive people on television. If this is the case, I won't see him." They quickly said, "We won't record! We won't record!" Then they took the camera away. Nie Chunling felt very sad upon seeing her husband's suffering after nearly three months hunger strike. She was unable to restrain the sentiment that exists between husband and wife. But, she realized immediately that she should not behave like this. She should take this precious opportunity to share with him the Fa as a fellow practitioner. Thus, she said to her husband (many guards were on the scene), "You must truly look inwards to find your attachments, and why the evil can take advantage of you. Only when you can find this loophole and improve can you break through this tribulation. Since you are here, you must do the "three things" well. It does not matter where you are. Tell them the truth and save them. Be careful not to hate them." Her husband admitted that his mind held very strong anger towards his captors. Nie Chunling then pointed out to him that he generally had the strong attachments of showing off and zealotry. She explained that we must validate Dafa not ourselves. She then pointed out the most detrimental problem, which was that he was not diligent in study of the Fa, sending forth righteous thoughts, and so on. Her husband nodded his head in agreement.

They shared their understandings of the Fa principles for more than an hour, with the policemen listening. It was surprising that nobody stopped them. One of the policemen even said, "Look how well your wife speaks. She seems to be more diligent than you in her cultivation." The visit finished in a very relaxed atmosphere. The policemen and the team leader walked them to the gate and called a taxi for them. They also told the driver not to overcharge them and also took them to the destination for 5 yuan (1). Nie Chunling thanked them for their kindness, told them to treat Dafa practitioners kindly and not to help a tyrant to do evil. A team leader said, "You have sent many letters to us that called us the "evil police." You also published on the Internet that we persecuted Falun Gong practitioners." Nie Chunling said earnestly: "All the things Dafa practitioners have done are for your benefit. Please read each letter that exposes your illegal behavior on the Internet carefully. Its mission is to save you, and to stop you from committing further wrongdoings. It is to prevent you from receiving karmic retribution for wrong-doing in the future. Isn't this good for you?" They said nothing, but claimed that they did not participate in the persecution. They acknowledged that practitioners are all good people.

After she left the camp, Nie Chunling remembered that she had not said everything that needed to be said. She felt that there were still principles her husband did not understand very well. Therefore she decided not to return home, but visit him again the next day. When she arrived, the police asked in surprise, "Why are you here again? You just met with him yesterday." Nie Chunling smiled, "I forgot to say everything I needed to say yesterday. I live quite far away and it is not easy for me to come here by train. I can't possibly go back without saying everything I need to say. I must see him again today." The police replied, "We have already broken the rules because of you, the rules of our forced labor camp......" Nie Chunling kept strong righteous thoughts and was finally able to meet with her husband again. Many policemen watched and listened to them also during this visit and her sharing the principles of the Fa with her husband. Before leaving she told him, "Enlighten to the principles of the Fa and truly look inwards. Your fellow practitioners are expecting you to return home as soon as possible. However it is up to you. It is not easy for me to come all this distance with our daughter. The police confiscated all the money we had. I borrowed more than 100 yuan to come here." Hearing her speak, one of the policemen was moved. He took 500 yuan from his wallet, and wanted to give it to Nie for living expenses. Nie and her daughter thanked him for his kindness, but refused politely. The policeman saw that they were firm in not accepting the money, so he said, "Will it be all right if I lend you the money, and you can repay me later?"

This is truly the mighty power of Dafa! It is obvious that as long as our practitioners hold righteous thoughts, we can correct the entire negative field, and save all sentient beings that can be saved.

6. Ask for Release from the Forced Labor Camp with Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

Three days after Nie returned home, she was told that Dafa practitioner Han Zhenju had been persecuted to death at Tangshan Forced Labor Camp. Nie instantly understood that she shouldn't passively endure, that she had to ask the forced labor camp to release her husband. She had to tell her husband to firmly reject the old forces' arrangements, that he should under no circumstances give up his mortal body, and return to save more people. On May 18, she and her child arrived again at Tangshan Forced Labor Camp and requested a visit.

Because the death of Han Zhenju was exposed, the forced labor camp tried to block the information internally and externally by all means. Thus, when Nie Chunling asked for a visit, they firmly refused in a very cruel manner. It looked impossible to visit. However Nie Chunling remained steadfast and continuously sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements behind them. She believed in Teacher's word "When it's impossible to do, you can do it." Therefore, she spent the morning to clarify the truth to team leaders Ke, Wang and Lu. They quietly listened and said nothing, then asked her to see the manager. In the afternoon, she found Ruan Daguo, the vice manager, and told him the truth. At last she talked about the "self-immolation incident" and "murder case" that were staged by the Jiang's regime to frame Falun Gong. He listened quietly. Then Nie told him that Han Zhenju was persecuted to death by this forced labor camp. He denied it and said that "the death was caused by a heart disease." He also said that five or six policemen had died in the forced labor camp over the past several years, with the youngest being 30 years old. Nie Chunling told him the heavenly principle of good is rewarded with good and evil meets evil. It does not matter if you admit to it or not. The high level beings in the heavens are watching closely and take note carefully. The principle is that good and evil actions will receive their due when the time comes. They talked for the entire afternoon. Nie Chunling felt during the conversation that his kind side was returning and awakening. In the end, he agreed to let her see her husband. He made all arrangements. But it was close to the end of the work day, so he asked them to come back the next day.

Nie Chunling and her daughter arrived at the office of Manager Ruan at 8 a.m. Unfortunately, he had changed his mind. He was not friendly, and refused to allow their visit, no matter what they said. Because Nie had told the guards and their family members about the death of practitioner Han Zhenju before she left yesterday, Ruan became very angry. He asked her to talk to chief manager Xu Deshan. After Nie found Xu Deshan, she began to tell him the truth, while sending forth righteous thoughts to clear the evil elements behind him. She said: "I must see my husband today to see if he is still alive, otherwise I won't go." Eventually, he agreed that he would discuss this request with the team leaders, and asked her to wait in the doorway.

A little while later, several team leaders came with the article from Minghui website that exposed their vicious behavior. They could not control their anger, "Did you write this? How did we disregard human life? Do you still want to see him today? There is no way! You come here to find out information. Call the Langfang Public Security Bureau to take her back." Nie Chunling was not frightened at all by their behavior and arrogance. She held righteous thoughts with all her being. She grabbed the article from them, pointed at it and seriously asked them, "Please have a look and tell me which sentence is incorrect. Isn't Yang Jianpo critically ill? Didn't you persecute Han Zhenju to death? If this is not disregarding human life, then what is it?" Their arrogance immediately began to disappear by half, and they quickly argued, "Han Zhenju ‘died from a sudden heart attack'." Nie Chunling responded, "The family members saw that his body was black and purple. If he did not die from the torture, then how did he die?" They were speechless, and their threatening manner disappeared. Nie Chunling seriously told them, "I am telling you, if Yang Jianpo dies here, I won't accept the way you treated Han Zhenju. What are you going to tell me? "Death due to a heart attack?" You will pay 3,000 yuan and buy a cremation casket. It won't be so easy! I must tell you that I do not want even one cent from you, I want him! If my husband dies, I will take his body to Tiananmen Square and let the whole world know about your evil! You do not allow me to see him today, that's fine, but which one of you will take the responsibility for all what might or might not occur?" None of them said a word, so she continued, "Even if you dare to take responsibility, it won't do, I want him back!" At that time, it was a battle between the good and evil, whether in the human world or other dimensions. Finally the evil was suppressed by the righteous thought. They changed their attitude and said, "We feel the same for Yang Jianpo as you do." Then the police let them visit.

Nie Chunling did not leave the forced labor camp after she had met with her husband in the morning. She wanted to ask for his release that afternoon. Because of the many battles with the evil in other dimensions at the camp, she knew deep in her heart that as long as we have righteous thoughts and actions, Teacher is helping us at all times. Teacher can do anything for us. There is nothing that couldn't be done. At noon, the gate guard asked her to rest inside while he stood outside. Because Nie told him the truth about the persecution and Dafa every time she visited, he could understand the wonderfulness of Dafa. Therefore he treated them respectfully. He let them rest on the bed in the guard room and wait for the manager to come back at 2 p.m. When Nie got up at 2 p.m., she suddenly had symptoms of heart disease. The daughter was scared and shouted "Mum", and quickly held her. The manager, Ruan, saw it and comforted her, "Don't worry, I feel the same as you." Nie Chunling again asked for the release of her husband. Manger Ruan said, "Let's discuss this." So he went out and came back after a little while, "I thought of a way. Can you write a request a ‘release on bail for medical treatment'?"

After she wrote the request, she did not leave Tangshan, and went to the forced labor camp every day to ask for his release. Then, the team leader promised to release Yang after completing all the necessary procedures and paperwork. He told her to go home. Nie Chunling enlightened that she had done what should be done. She felt that her husband had found his attachments and had improved after several discussions. She was certain that he should be released. Therefore, she left Tangshan and returned to Langfang. Later she decided she would go to the Appeals Office in Beijing if the forced labor camp still did not release her husband. However because she did not feel well, she rested in bed for three days. She felt that something was not right, but could not find the reason. At that moment, Teacher's "Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference" arrived. She understood after reading the lecture that, even though she wanted to clarify the truth and save more people through this matter, her heart was not quite pure. She still held small attachments to the result, hoping her husband would return at the earliest. She also held still some sentiment of personal relationship. After she found the attachments, suddenly a stone lifted from her heart, her spirits rose and her body was not uncomfortable any more. She felt she understood and realized Teacher's Fa deeper, through the process of rescuing her husband.

On the same day (June 8), someone knocked at the door after 5 p.m. Nie Chunling saw more than ten people standing outside. They were from the public security bureau, "610 Office" (2) and resident's committee. They supported her husband by the arm. Nie Chunling thought that she wouldn't let the police in so easily, because they arrested her husband. So she refused to open the door. Then the neighbors also came to say the good words, many people surrounded her home and watched (as it was the end of the work day). Nie Chunling took the chance, opened the door and said loudly, "You arrest and release people as your wish. Are you still the people's government? My husband's weight was more than 90 kilograms before his arrest. Can you see how he was tormented and what he looks like now? The neighbors all know what kind of person my husband was before he learned Falun Gong. When he fought with others, nobody cared. Now when he has learned Falun Gong and become a good person, you came to interfere and persecuted him to this point!" None of the police said anything. Two of them took Yang Jianpo inside, and then they quickly ran away.


(1) yuan: Chinese currency. 500 yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China.

(2) "610 Office": an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.