It was night of June 6, 2004. I started sending forth righteous thoughts as usual at midnight. After I finished cleaning my own thoughts, I erected my right palm and started to eliminate the evil forces in other dimensions. At this moment, I suddenly felt very sleepy, so I silently recited the Fa-rectification verses with my eyes opened. When I closed my eyes again, I saw some black matter surrounded by a few white things. I realized that this must be something very bad and so I immediately placed my full concentration on sending forth righteous thoughts. I launched a Falun [Law Wheel] and other weapons to eliminate it. After this I then found that it had become larger and larger and turned into wisps of black matter that spun around crazily. I proceeded to eliminate them with my energy and I could see that hundreds of flashes of lightning were striking the black force. At this moment, I felt that my entire body was covered with a field of energy and my energy, like electric currents, was been emitted at a great speed from the top of my head. Finally that black matter fell from the air like black cotton fibers.

Through this experience I realized how powerful our righteous thoughts are. It is exactly as Teacher Li points out in "Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts" that "...the premise is that you have strong righteous thoughts, no fear, and no human attachments, apprehension, or hatred; only when you're in that state will it be effective, and it will take effect as soon as your thoughts emerge."