I obtained the Fa in 1997, and under the guidance of Teacher and the assistance of fellow practitioners, I have gone through five relatively peaceful years amid difficulties. Looking back at my path, when I have done well, it means I have understood the Fa well. When I don't do well and interference arises, it means I haven't understood the Fa very well, and I have been used by the old forces. At those times my righteous thoughts aren't very effective, and I feel lost and saddened beyond words.

In the midst of hardships, my deepest experiences tell me that I shouldn't use ordinary people's mentalities to react to all that I have experienced and suffered and express hate or grievance. Dafa practitioners should search inward when encountering things and find out the part of themselves that does not conform to the Fa, realize the fundamental attachments, and decide whether our compassion was taken advantage of by the old forces and we did not manifest the dignity of Dafa. We should clearly discern the false picture of things arranged by the old forces and use righteous thoughts to eradicate the interference. We should discover our mistake and rectify it immediately; our mistakes should never be the excuses for the old forces to persecute Dafa and practitioners.

The Fa-rectification and personal cultivation cannot be separated from each other. If we practice well, our righteous thoughts will be stronger, and we will achieve better results in clarifying the truth. If we cannot study the Fa well, then mind and body would be in a poor state, troubles would arise constantly, and we will not clarify the truth well.

We must bring the truth clarification into our workplaces and the rest of our lives. We must be careful to present ourselves with compassion and let people see the greatness of our Dafa. When faced with conflicts we can endure, and manifest the manner of Dafa practitioners in every act. When we err, we can accept responsibility and loss and immediately make amends. By using higher standards for ourselves, we will lead people to see that we are truly good people.

Practitioners generally prefer solitude, but now I'd prefer interacting with people more: the classmates of our classmates, the friends of our friends, strangers on the street, our neighbors, etc. In our conversations I let these people know about a group of compassionate people, let them know about the spread of Dafa around the world. I bring pictures with me to show people a direct, concise image of the truth. We cannot be afraid of inconvenience, we cannot be afraid of "wasting time." or communicating ineffectively. Speaking the truth to people face-to-face should be complete and effective for everyone involved. If we drop our burdens and worries, what remain are our wisdom, righteous thoughts, and compassion toward sentient beings.

Clarifying the truth to different groups of people should mean touching on different topics. For example, Chinese businessmen are often interested in religion, so we can talk about the principles of heaven that doing good will bring good and doing evil will bring evil. Then, tell them why Chinese people work so hard yet it is so difficult for them to make money, because the money is used to persecute Falun Gong. When speaking with university students, we can talk about the loopholes in modern science, thus guiding them to think more deeply. Then relate to the achievements of scientists after practicing Falun Gong. To those who really care about their outward appearance, talk to them about the "Dual Cultivation of Nature and Longevity," and outward beauty comes from inner harmony and health. Applying topics of truth clarification to daily life is not difficult. What is difficult is to uphold our character and to not have anger; at these moments it is very difficult to clarify the truth. Also, it is a waste of time to talk about everyday people's matters and judge with everyday people's thoughts, like who's good and who's not.

When clarifying the truth to strangers, it is a good idea to bring children along. My five-year-old child is very healthy, loveable, and eye-catching. For five years, I have taken my child along while clarifying the truth and have received good effects. In public places or on the bus we talk about the things we did right today, those things that conform to "Truth-Compassion-Forbearance." We also talk about what Teacher teaches us to do, and some people enjoy listening to it. At the playground I talk to other parents regarding health and education issues, and give them truth-clarification materials when there's an opportunity. Children have their wisdom. One time, my 4-year-old child ran up to a person and asked, "Do you know about Falun Gong?" At that time I immediately walked up and give the person truth-clarification materials, and then safely left. Safety is also a concern.

Clarifying the truth is not an easy task; it is a test of a Dafa disciple's cultivation. What is your mental state when others do not concur? When you are successful, do you show off, or feel elated, or develop an attachment to doing things? Is fear a factor? Cultivation in Fa-rectification is the most honorable and an unprecedented honor in the universe given by Teacher to Dafa disciples. We certainly must walk our path righteously!

I want to clarify the truth with ease and peace, save sentient beings, and totally negate the old forces' arrangements. Teacher doesn't acknowledge it, and Dafa disciples don't acknowledge it. Dafa disciples should have good work, good family, good health, good morality, and be respected by all. We are not allowed to be persecuted and hide here and there. I only walk the path that Teacher arranged for me. Let us study the Fa well and know the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts, for that is what Teacher has bestowed upon us.

I wrote my cultivation experiences down as a disciple's report to our respected Teacher. I still have many shortcomings, and when I am not cultivating so well I have missed many sentient beings. While Teacher's Fa-rectification is pushing ahead, I am denying the arrangements by old forces, and I am gradually becoming more mature, rational, and clear-headed in my cultivation. I will not dishonor the title of a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.