(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Jiang Yong was 46 years old, and lived in the No.10 Commune of Guangming Village, Xingfu Township, Changchun City, Jilin Province. He was tortured to death on July 4, 2004.

Jiang Yong started cultivating Falun Dafa in 1996. After Jiang and his regime began persecuting Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999, Mr. Jiang was abducted, detained, and sent to labor camp multiple times because he firmly held his faith in "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance." In five years, he was brutally tortured, and became homeless in order to avoid being arrested at home. The perpetrators even sent his non-practitioner wife to labor camp for one year.

On April 13, 2004, Jiang Yong was abducted along with several fellow practitioners by State Security Police in Changchun City. He was inhumanly tortured, and then sent to Tiebei Detention Center. His injuries from the torture were so severe that he was sent to Changchun Police Hospital on April 22, 2004. He was sent back to Tiebei Detention Center on May 26. His family's many requests to visit him were denied. On July 4, 2004, Jiang Yong died as a result of the torture and abuse he suffered at the hands of police.

According to those who saw his dead body, there were rope marks on his neck, and many dark bruises on his chest and upper back. His eyes were wide open, and blood oozed out of his mouth when his body was touched. Some tissues were placed under his rectum. Police were frantically stopping people from taking photos of his body, and even beat his family members.

The lawless officials in Tiebei Detention Center feared their crime being exposed. In order to avoid responsibility for his death, they tried to cover up the truth and lied to his family members, saying that he had died of sudden sickness.

Mr. Jiang Yong was a very strong man, about 5' 10", and very muscular. He never got sick after he began to practice Falun Dafa, and was known by those close to him as "Iron Man." Yet, such a healthy man was tortured to death in less than 3 months!

The day after his death, his body was treated, the blood in his mouth was cleaned, and the bruises were covered. There were bottles of alcohol, cotton balls, etc. all over the room. The perpetrators had destroyed the evidence and the crime scene to cover their crime.

Police in Changchun City Station and Tiebei Detention Center are directly responsible for the death of Mr. Jiang Yong.

Responsible Persons and Units, with phone numbers:

Changchun City Police Station:

Director Tian Zhonglin (male), 86-13904307006(Office), 86-431-6199998(Home)

Vice Director Liu Peizhu (male), 86-13804300017(Cell), 86-431-5536998(Home)

Vice Director Zheng Weimin (male), 86-431-8924016(Office), 86-13904300812(Cell), 86-431-8962755 (Home)

Team Leader Zhou Chunming, 86-431-8924957(Office), 86-13596007000(Cell), 86-431-5392222 (Home)

Political Director Lu Feng, 86-431-8965741(Office), 86-13904303665(Cell), 86-431-5698998(Home)

Vice Team Leader Wang Guangshan, 86-431-8985915(Office), 86-13844023598(Cell), 86-431-5994551 (Home)

Vice Team Leader, Li Shichan, 86-431-8988415(Office), 86-13596118999(Cell), 86-431-2700658 (Home).

"610 Office" head Song Jindong, 86-431-8926066(Office), 86-13904309333(Cell), 86-431-8989900 (Home).

"610 Office" Vice Chair Wang Qi, 86-431-8908186(Office), 86-431-8828110(Home)

No.1 Ward Leader Lu Weidong, 86-431-8908191(Office), 86-13904322835(Cell), 86-431-5989288(Home)

No.1 Ward Vice Leader Wang Kailian, 86-431-8908192(Office), 86-13943012228(Cell), 86-431-8922597(Home)

No.2 Ward Leader Yu Zhenrong, 86-431-8908195(Office), 86-13304310410(Cell), 86-431-5289088(Home)

No.2 Ward Vice Leader Shen Fenghua, 86-431-8908196(Office), 86-431-8817715 86-431-5290015(Home)

No.3 Ward Leader Wang Pei, 86-431-8908201(Office), 86-13514460092(Cell), 86-431-8981665(Home)

No.3 Ward Vice Leader Yan Shuchun, 86-431-8908202(Office), 86-13804321578(Cell), 86-431-8983899(Home)

No.4 Ward Leader Xu Bintao, 86-431-8908205(Office), 86-13514419339(Cell), 86-431-2745070(Home)

No.4 Ward Vice Leader Li Xingtao, 86-431-8908206(Office), 86-13514300077(Cell), 86-431-8544499(Home)

State SecurityNo.1 Office (the operator), 86-431-8924896/Office, 86-431-8924896/"610Office," 86-431-8908189.

No.1 Ward, 86-431-8946127

No.2 Ward, 86-431-8925530

No.3 Ward, 86-431-8924890

No.4 Ward, 86-431-8981731

Changchun No.1 Detention Center:

Director Zhao Hongmin, 86-431-2681954(Office), 86-13504400565(Cell), 86-431-5210123(Home)

Political Director Chi Hongbo, 86-431-2687610(Office), 86-13604333202(Cell), 86-431-8541825(Home)

Changchun No.2 Detention Center:

Director Jiang Guangwei, 86-431-7890990 86-13596488896(Cell), 86-431-7961777(Home)

Political Director Gao Yongxue (no phone number)

Reference: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/7/17/50319.html