(Clearwisdom.net) In July 2003, I met a prisoner in her 20's in the Fengtai District Detention Center in Beijing. She was very pretty, but had a long scar on her left arm that looked horrifying. I asked her what caused her scar and she told me it was burnt when she was 1 year old. She also said that the scar was not so big at first.

Suddenly she remembered something and said, "Yes! I saw your self immolation people."

I was very surprised, "How did you see them?"

"I was having an operation done for my scar in Jishuitan Hospital. I had to go through a special session before the operation."

I asked, "Why was it called a special session?"

She answered, "This area was forbidden and closed off from casual passers-by. When I passed those rooms, I saw the self-immolation victims. But they did not look like the images on TV. They looked very normal and were chatting to each other. There were guards at their door."

I asked her, "Why were there guards?"

She answered, "The guards were there to prevent journalists from interviewing them."

I asked, "Do you believe they were Falun Dafa practitioners?"

She answered, "They were described as Falun Dafa practitioners, but it was very strange how they looked horrible on TV and they were actually not as badly burnt!

I was very sad hearing her words. Those used to perform the self-immolation, probably never imagined that they would be killed after the performance. I was quiet for a bit, then asked her again, "Did you ever think that if they were truly Falun Dafa practitioners, this would that be a good opportunity for Jiang? It would be great if the journalists all came from all over the world and then the whole world would know Falun Dafa practitioners performed self-immolation. Jiang would not need to go to foreign countries to spread propaganda himself. Why did he block the journalists? It was because those who performed the self-immolation were not Falun Dafa practitioners. The interview would reveal their true identities."

She suddenly woke up, "Yes, I never thought about that! It is true!"

I told her, "Even you, who saw them, never thought about how, those people who only saw their performance with makeup on and thinking they were practitioners, would be easily deceived."