(Clearwisdom.net) The "South Africa shooting incident" completely revealed the voracious nature of the Jiang regime, but it is also very helpful to Falun Dafa practitioners in exposing the forces of evil and clarifying the truth, as well as in gaining public understanding and support. However, as practitioners, we should look at the essence of the events and compare them with the requirements of Falun Dafa whenever such an event occurs.

Reflecting upon the event from the current reports, one can see that the forces of evil were completely aware of all the practitioners' activities, from the preparation of the lawsuit, identities of the individual participants and their itineraries, to the routes they took to South Africa. The minions of the Jiang regime had completely investigated the practitioners' plans, pursued all their activities and made careful arrangements regarding the site, time and form in which to conduct this crime across international borders. However, our practitioners had taken no security precautions prior to the incident. Thus, when this incident occurred we had no measures to deal with the crisis, allowing the forces of evil to realize their goals. The incident exposed at least two deficiencies of ours. One is the issue of security; the other is the reliance of some practitioners on the "persons in charge," or the most active, "key members" of our group to make decisions.

On the issue of security, practitioners outside China live in an environment that is relatively amiable and one that has an established legal system, so they are sometimes complacent and do not pay enough attention to security. This provides the forces of evil with an opportunity to persecute and test practitioners. When we practitioners rely on non-practitioners for our security, it actually means that we have not studied the Fa well enough and that we have not perfected the Fa. We have allowed the heart of everyday humanness into our Fa-validation.

In this respect, Teacher told us in "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference":

"I think everybody should pay attention to this point. Even though we don't have anything to hide, we can't let the secret agents interfere..."

"..."You need to think about whether the evil can do harm to what you plan to do. You need to think about this. We don't have anything to hide, we don't have anything we're afraid of letting the world know, and we haven't done anything illegal. But as for the evil, we shouldn't give them any opportunity to do evil things. When it comes to the evil, the things Dafa disciples plan to do must not be made known to the evil. So, many times you all really must pay attention to this matter. We can't let the evil people move first and do bad things before you have a chance to do something. That causes trouble and makes it harder for you to clarify the truth and bring salvation to people. So you must take these things seriously."

Overseas practitioners usually pay a great deal of attention to the news reporting or media promotion prior to a Dafa event. Actually, it is not important to drum up support unless it will be helpful in eliminating the forces of evil and clarifying the truth. If it does not significantly provide such a benefit, then it will otherwise provide a convenient opportunity for the forces of evil. So, we must keep a cool head and be wise. We should not conduct our events in such a way that we risk losing more than we stand to gain, simply for the sake of creating a momentum of support. The South Africa shooting incident is a good example in which the forces of evil knew our plans beforehand and had begun to sabotage them. In this case, then, we were unable to reach our goal of suing Jiang's henchman, Zeng Qinghong.

Since our practitioners outside China have lived for so long in a relatively peaceful environment, they sometimes underestimate the manifestation and means of the forces of evil. Teacher said in "Teaching the Fa at the 2001 Canada Fa Conference":

"It is bad, it is venomous, and it is evil. And just like poison, if you want it not to poison people it can't do that--that's just how it is."

(From Guiding the Voyage).

Regardless of whether it is inside or outside China, it is just such a manifestation. There is no way that such a thing could not harm people. Its final rampage just prior to its own demise and the persecution it has conducted under the mistaken assumption of impunity has caused it to lose all rationality. It has no qualms of impropriety and, of course, no human nature. From Fa principle and manifestation in the world, all of us, not just the practitioners from China, must clearly recognize it.

Actually, the Fa-rectification today has reached the final stage. The evil force has lost its momentum and its malignant growth has been abated. It is essentially struggling for its last breath. The South Africa shooting incident was more of an exposure of problems still existing in our cultivation than it was an exposure of the forces of evil. The ultimate goal of this incident should be to gain maturity through the pitfalls in our journey, so that we can do better. We must clearly recognize this point. We must not allow fear to establish itself and cast a dark cloud over our journey of Fa-rectification.

This incident also reminds us that we are still cultivating and that we still have human "heart." Thus, we have not always been able to stand on the solid ground of the Fa in everything we do, wherever we go. Therefore, in order to genuinely validate the Fa, we must perfect the Fa in the human world, including the form of security. If our xinxing (1) and forms of doing things cannot meet the requirement of Falun Dafa at different levels, and cannot fit the principle of the human world, then we leave ourselves vulnerable to the persecution. From this angle, we must maintain a clear understanding, genuinely do well regarding security, walk the right path during Fa-rectification and leave no opportunity for the forces of evil to take advantage of us.

  1. "Heart nature," in the context of Falun Dafa cultivation, is also sometimes referred to as "xinxing" or moral character.