(Clearwidsom.net) In November 2003, Dafa practitioners Zhang Fuhe and Zhou Yulian (a married couple) and Wang Chunmei from Dougong Village, Neihuang County, in the Anyang region of Henan Province, were arrested while handing out truth-clarifying flyers. The court was determined to give them very heavy sentences. The term of imprisonment for each one of them was established even before the hearing began.

The practitioners supported each other while being interrogated by the Neihuang County court. Two of them would send forth righteous thought to eliminate the evil while the third one was speaking about the beauty of Dafa, personal physical and spiritual benefits obtained from practicing Falun Gong, and the truth of the vicious persecution led by Jiang and his group.

Facing their fearlessness and righteousness, the presiding judge realized he was on the wrong side and was unable to say a word in self-defense. He could not help but express this honest complaint: "The Chinese legal system is nothing but a show, a commercial, something that cannot be depended upon. The Constitution is not effective, not to mention the legal system. Nowadays, 'administrative intervention' is called 'the Leader's idea'." He then dismissed the court abruptly.

The three practitioners, Zhou Yulian, Zhang Fuhe and Wang Chunmei, were illegally sentenced to seven-year, four-year, and five-year prison terms respectively. At present, they are trying to appeal to a higher court, writing letters to the middle court to clarify the truth and to eliminate the evil so as to save sentient beings. We expect every Dafa practitioner from every area to be concerned about these three, and we urge all practitioners to use their righteous thoughts to help to end this persecution by the vicious forces from Neihuang County, Henan Province.