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13. "Who Has Been Doing This Kind of Thing? Only the Two of You, Right?"

There is a mountain near Jinan City called Thousand-Buddha Mountain. Here there is a ten-thousand-Buddha cave with many grottos and statues. Furong and her classmate were attending Teacher's lectures, and after one class was over, her classmate took her to the Thousand-Buddha Mountain to burn incense and kowtow to worship the Buddha.

As soon as the classmate saw a Buddha statue, she kowtowed to it and said to Furong, "There really are Buddhas on them. I feel they are absorbing my energy. Come kowtow to them, please."

As soon as Furong knelt down on the mat, it felt cold and hard like cement and hurt her knees. She quickly stood up.

In the next lecture, Teacher said to the class, "You may worship Buddha, but you cannot pray to a Buddha. If you must burn incense and kowtow, I neither oppose nor support it. Who has been doing this kind of thing? Only the two of you, right?"

From studying the Fa, they then understood that a Buddha should give off energy and only a demon would absorb it. If we don't follow Teacher's instructions, it is really dangerous!

14. "Somebody Is Practicing a Standing Exercise with Her Hands and Legs Shaking from Fatigue, But Her Mind Is Not at Rest."

At the Jinan lectures, Furong sat in the audience behind Teacher. One day, before the class, everyone was practicing the Standing Stance Exercise at their places. Furong was also practicing standing and holding the wheel exercise.

Furong's life had been a very hard one. She was employed as an accountant, and her boss tried to make her forge his accounts. She was honest and refused to comply. As a result her boss stopped paying her wages and dismissed her. Since she was a beginner at Falun Dafa practice, as she practiced the Standing Stance her hands and legs were shaking from fatigue, and at the same time she was thinking, "Why is my boss so bad? He took advantage of me. If I develop supernormal abilities, I will punish him!"

In the following lecture, Teacher talked about unknowingly practicing an evil cultivation way. Teacher said, "Somebody was practicing a standing exercise with her hands and legs shaking from fatigue, yet her mind was not at rest and she was thinking, 'My manager treats me so badly, why can't I develop supernormal abilities? If I develop supernormal abilities, I will punish him!'"

After the class, Furong asked her classmate, "How could Teacher know what I was thinking about?" The classmate said. "Before the class, while you were practicing holding the wheel, Teacher passed just behind you while coming to correct the students' movements."

At this time they understood from Dafa that, even though others may hurt us, we must still have compassion for them and must not be angry, let alone retaliate. If a person harbors evil intentions, he will be unknowingly practicing an evil cultivation way. When certain individuals from the Chinese government fabricated lies claiming that Falun Gong encouraged people to be cruel and that Teacher predicted disaster, they totally confused black and white.

15. A Lay Buddhist Single-Mindedly Practices Dafa

Puzhi (a nickname) used to be a lay Buddhist. His family members practiced Falun Gong, and he was drawn to the class to learn about it. He listened to Teacher with the intent of judging Falun Gong based on his understanding of Buddhism.

He took part in the second session of lectures in Jinan City. In the beginning he continually judged what Master said against his scanty knowledge of Buddhism. At this time Master said, "Some lay Buddhists have also come. You cannot attain anything if you come with the intention of only giving it a try. The monks in temples have a difficult time saving themselves, not to mention if you are an amateur Buddhist! If I cannot save you, nobody can save you. If you want to practice Falun Gong, you must practice it wholeheartedly."

These words shocked his heart. He began to set his mind to truly listening to the Fa, and he finally understood that this really is the greatest cultivation way!

After he switched to Falun Dafa cultivation, his former Buddhist companions all rose up against him with vicious words, but they could not shake his belief.

After July 20, 1999, when the persecution began, he was harrassed in various ways because he had been the contact person at a Falun Gong practice site. But he has been steadfast in his belief, with a calm and peaceful heart the entire time. Many practitioners observed how he endured and said, "If he refuses to be transformed (1), I will not be transformed; if he becomes transformed, I would not be able to persist." Later on many of these "observing" practitioners could not withstand the persecution and gave up the practice under brainwashing and torture. Puzhi, however, still remained steadfast in his belief.

(1) Transform -- Practitioners are forced, using brainwashing and torture, to renounce their beliefs.