(Clearwisdom.net) Over the past five years, Jiang's regime has abused the psychiatric field to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. This has been a two-pronged campaign. First, they falsely attributed heinous crimes committed by mentally ill people in society to Falun Gong practitioners. Second, the authorities labeled mentally healthy practitioners as mental patients so that they can send them to mental hospitals and institutions to persecute them.

First, the state-run media selected the most blood-curdling murder cases. In order to connect those homicide cases with Falun Gong, the Xinhua News Agency and Chinese Central Television fabricated a number of "motives" for practitioners to commit murder. They fabricated slogans which they claimed were spoken by practitioners such as, "Killing people is saving people," "Killing is a higher form of benevolence," etc. None of these invented words exist anywhere in Falun Gong books. Sometimes when they were reporting the same case, the Xinhua News Agency and Chinese Central Television attributed the same homicide to two different slogans.

Let's think about this: if Falun Gong really turned practitioners into murderers, and there are so many practitioners in China and around the world, then wouldn't there be a huge number of murder cases everywhere? Why is it that this never happened outside of China? Why is it that this never happened before July 20th 1999, when the persecution started? These charges are clearly fabrications made up to help justify the persecution.

The second aspect of this type of persecution is even worse. In many Chinese forced labor comps and their affiliated hospitals or clinics, detained practitioners are force-fed or injected with unknown drugs that are harmful to the central nervous system. Some of the effects of these drugs include partial or full paralysis, loss of sight and/or hearing, muscular atrophy, amnesia, organ damage, and psychosis. In some cases, practitioners have died as a result of the injections.

Perfectly healthy practitioners are sent to mental hospitals and labor camps simply because of their belief. Meanwhile, the crimes committed by the Jiang regime has attracted attention from the World Psychiatric Association, which planned to go to Beijing and investigate this issue. However, the effort was blocked by Chinese authorities, who evidently did not want their crimes to be exposed.