Recently, I have tried to send forth righteous thought at the top of each hour whenever I am available in addition to the daily four times of coordinated global sending forth righteous thoughts, but I ignored one serious issue: I rarely thought of targeting the main culprits of the persecution.

Teacher said in his article "Righteous Thoughts" that,

"Of course, if the circumstances are special and you target one evil being or a few evil beings as you send forth righteous thoughts, either by yourself or together, then that's something you should do, and the concentrated power is tremendous. But when you normally send righteous thoughts together on a daily basis you should chase down the evil on a larger scale. You shouldn't target one or a few evil beings each day, each time."

After studying this article, I thought that I should chase down the evil on a larger scale first and then target the main culprits. After a while, however, I forgot all about those villians. For more than one year, I almost forgot to think of the heads of evils while sending forth righteous thoughts. Teacher reminded me several times in my dreams, but I forgot about it again and again. With this attitude, the heads of evils were able to advance.

Several days ago, when Jiang appeared on TV, my family members asked me to have a look. I said I did not want to see him at all, without even thinking of eliminating the head evil with righteous thoughts. While talking with fellow practitioners in the local area regarding sending forth righteous thoughts, we basically focused on eliminating the rotten spirits and dark minions in our own dimension, the local area, and within the Three Realms. Few of us thought of eradicating the several heads of evils. Last night, I suddenly realized that this is an issue that needs our attention.

Where do we stand with Fa-rectification if the Chinese media doesn't even mention Falun Gong now? In the past, at the time of the United Nations Human Rights Convention in March, Jiang's gang of scoundrels would concentrate on defaming, and slandering Falun Gong. This year, people in China felt that there was no news at all regarding Falun Gong at the United Nations Human Rights Convention. One reason is that the evil is diminishing while the world's people awaken to the truth. The culprits know that people are not as easily deceived by lies as before. Another reason is that they fear further exposure of their lies. Their new tactic is vicious and contemptible. While appearing quiet on the surface, they're scheming behind the scenes. Since February this year, many fellow practitioners have been arrested and materials sites have been sabotaged in my local area, in addition to many similar reports on Minghui news, all occuring without much notice.

An illegal trial of local practitioners was carried out secretly in March. It took place at 7:00 am and lasted just over half an hour. It was termed a "trial", but no family members were allowed to observe, and no other people were permitted to be present. Sentries and policemen were everywhere outside the court as if guarding against a formidable foe. The judge announced the sentence in a hurry and did not even notify family members where practitioners were detained.

Recently the "610 Office" has been collaborating with forced labor camps. They continue to hold practitioners in custody after their initially imposed terms are completed. The "610 Office" sends those who do not give up cultivation practice to brainwashing class, claiming that all practitioners including those who live a normal life, study and work but insist on their belief in Falun Dafa are to be detained in brainwashing class based on orders from higher authorities. Where did these orders originate? The source is certainly the heads of evils.

In my opinion, this is a special period of time where the evils stop their open suppression and begin persecuting in private. I suggest that we adjust our time and send forth righteous thoughts several times globally coordinated, targeting the several heads of evils. Fellow practitioners in China, we, especially, should cherish this opportunity to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, which is our special honor in the period of Fa-rectification.

Through this, I realized that we should remember not to go to extremes after studying Teacher's articles; for it may cause loopholes which the evils can use to their advantage. I hope that we will regard the Fa as our teacher, eliminate interference and do well in this last stage of Fa-rectification.