(Clearwisdom.net) Since Jiang's group began to persecute Falun Gong in 1999, Huang Xiong, a Falun Gong practitioner from Wan'an County, Jiangxi Province, has been forced to go through many hardships. He was sentenced to two years of forced labor. After he was released, he was compelled to be homeless in order to avoid further persecution. The public security authorities sent out arrest warrants for him everywhere. Mr. Huang went missing in Shanghai on April 19, 2003. As of today, his whereabouts are still unknown. Mr. Huang's relatives in the USA and in China have been trying to find out his whereabouts using all means. They are very concerned about his safety.

The Epoch Times (a Chinese newspaper) reports that a public security official in Shanghai told the Epoch Times reporter recently that he knew Mr. Huang's situation very well, but could not talk about it. Public security officials in Jiangxi Province still deny knowing of Mr. Huang's whereabouts.

A Photo of Mr. Huang before he went missing in 2003

Missing More than One Year

The following information was provided by Mr. Huang's elder brother, Dr. Huang Wanqing, who lives in Atlanta, USA: Huang Xiong, born in 1978, 1.63 meters in height (about 5.3 ft), is thin, has a college degree, and used to live in Furong Township, Wan'an County, Jiangxi Province. He began to practice Falun Gong in 1996. When the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, Mr. Huang was studying in a computer training center in Beijing. Because he appealed for justice for Falun Gong, he was arrested in February 2000 in Beijing. Afterwards, he was sentenced to forced labor for 2 years by the Ji'an administrative office, Jiangxi Province. In the summer of 2001, when Mr. Huang had been imprisoned almost one and a half years, he was released and sentenced to "reeducation outside of the forced labor camp." Because the public security authorities required that he report to them frequently about his thoughts on Falun Gong, and attend brainwashing sessions, Mr. Huang was compelled to leave home and run away. After he left home, in order to avoid future arrests and persecution, he used an alias--Yuan Kuan--and did not contact his family members. Because he clarified the truth and distributed flyers in each place he went, he was wanted and chased by the public security everywhere. He roamed about many places. Mr. Huang called his elder brother Dr. Huang Wanqing in Shanghai on April 19, 2003. Nothing has been heard from him since. None of his relatives and friends knows his whereabouts. It is known that the public security in Shanghai was trying to arrest Mr. Huang because he was known to have publicly distributed Falun Gong materials. Before he went missing, Mr. Huang used an alias to register for lodging at the Tongji University Boarding House in Shanghai.

The Public Security Chases Him in All Directions and Harasses His Relatives

While Mr. Huang was being pursued, Jiangxi Province sent out many groups from the provincial, local and the county public security to arrest him. The public security and the politics and law committee and others repeatedly harassed all of Mr. Huang's relatives in China and illegally searched their premises. His brother-in-law's company was forced to send people to look for Mr. Huang in other areas. His elder sister's telephone was tapped and she was often summoned and interrogated, which created enormous mental pressure for Huang's relatives and friends.

In February 2000, when Mr. Huang was arrested in Beijing, Wan'an County Public Security Bureau officers were informed immediately by the Beijing police, but they concealed the truth from Mr. Huang's family for a month. Wan'an County Public Security Bureau officers did not inform Mr. Huang's family members until his detention time in Beijing was over and the Beijing police needed the local authorities to take him back. The public security bureau officers went to Beijing to take him back home and demanded 3,000 Yuan from his family members for "travel expenses." His family members finally gave 1,000 Yuan, and the public security did not give any receipt. Wan'an County has many Falun Gong students who were sent to forced labor camps or prison because they appealed for Falun Gong. The local public security personnel arrested Falun Gong practitioners. They fined people and asked for money at every turn and never gave any receipts.

A local public security sub-bureau chief told the Epoch Times reporter: "Falun Gong practitioners here will be arrested so long as someone reports them to the authorities or they still practice." "Each of us ¡®looks after' one Falun Gong practitioner."

After Mr. Huang went missing in 2003, his family members became very worried. His elder brother Dr. Huang Wanqing appealed and looked for his younger brother on the Internet, newspaper, and television and wrote letters to international human rights organizations to appeal. He also called the national security and the public security in Shanghai and the public security in Jiangxi Province to report his missing family member. The national security and the public security in Shanghai pushed the blame onto Jiangxi and the public security in Jiangxi said they were also looking for him, but they could not find him. However, Dr. Huang said the public security had not spend a lot of time looking for him, which formed a sharp contrast with the effort taken to catch Mr. Huang.

The Public Security Officer in Shanghai Says: "I Know Very Well, but I Cannot Talk about it."

From the internal news of Chinese public security, it was said that the Ministry of Public Security had interrogated Mr. Huang. A reporter from Epoch Times conducted interviews and an investigation. The National Security Department First Division head, Hu, from the public security sub-bureau of Yangpu district, Shanghai, indicated that he knew of Yuan Kan's situation very well, but could not say. The reporter asked: "Why did you not inform his family members when you arrested him?" Hu said: "I know, but I cannot talk about it." "We did it like this, because we have our reasons." It is said that the room in Shanghai Tongji University Boarding House where Mr. Huang lived was converted into a female student dormitory in September 2003.

Director Tian from the first section of Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, who deals with Falun Gong issues and who was from the 610 Office, and Zhang Xuehua, the chief of the first production brigade of Wan'an County Public Security Bureau, denied to the reporter that they knew Mr. Huang's whereabouts, and said that he "is missing." But the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong pointed out that the department concerned disclosed that the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department kept abreast of Mr. Huang's situation completely.

Next is a summary of the interview with the National Security Department's First Division head Hu, from the public security sub-bureau of Yangpu district (Tongji

University is in this district), Shanghai from the reporter of Epoch Times.

Reporter: (dialed 86-21-65431000 extension 31090) May I ask who is speaking?

Hu: My surname is Hu. Do you have anything to say?

Reporter: You are the Department Head Hu?

Hu: Yes.

Reporter: I have two matters. First, before I called you, I called the phone # (31091) of the office work branch. A young lady answered the phone. When she found out I am a reporter from Epoch Times, she became abusive immediately. I hope your subordinate, the government worker of national security, knows the minimum manners for work and how to treat guests politely.

Hu: I will inquire about this matter.

Reporter: The second, I'd like to ask you for help.

Hu: About what?

Reporter: Why did you arrest Yuan Kuan? (In order to avoid being arrested, Mr. Huang used the alias.) for over one year, you did not inform his family members. According to which law did you do this? Do you know Yuan Kuan?

Hu: I certainly do. How do you know of this matter? How did his family members contact your newspaper?

Reporter: Actually I have not contacted Mr. Yuan Kuan's family members, because probably they do not know anything. Do you know there is a World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in the United States? They have reports every week. I learned it from them. Department Head Hu, why did you arrest him? Why have you not informed his family members for such a long time?

Hu: I cannot tell you. I know Yuan Kuan's situation very well, but I cannot tell you anything.

Reporter: Why?

Hu: I cannot talk to you on the telephone.

Reporter: I won't take a very long time. You are personnel of law enforcement. You should know the law more clearly than me. Doesn't it violate the legal regulations if you arrest a person but do not inform his/her family members?

Hu: We have our own reasons.

Reporter: But "the reasons" cannot violate the law.

Hu: You should not discuss the matter of legal affairs with me. In this aspect, I know more clearly than you.

Reporter: That is right. Why don't you inform his family members, then?

Hu: I know, but I cannot say. We have procedures laying out how we can accept interviews. You may apply for an interview from the news section of Shanghai Public Security Bureau. If they agree, I will receive your interview.

Elder Brother: Organized Crime-like Kidnapping

His elder brother, Dr. Huang Wanqing, in the USA is extremely worried about the whereabouts of Mr. Huang. "My younger brother was obviously kidnapped by Shanghai National Security and the Public Security. Why do they hide the truth from his family members like this? Certainly they must have knowledge of this secretive item. Whether they deny or hide the truth or do not know, Mr. Huang has been in a forced labor camp for more than a year. He has been compelled to be destitute and homeless for several years. The public security chases him in all directions and harasses his family members. Finally Huang Xiong has been missing for over one year, and his whereabouts are unknown. The public security should take responsibility for this. Shanghai public security has adopted this kind of organized crime-like kidnapping method. How does it differ from terrorism?

Recently, Falun Gong practitioners were shot at in South Africa by thugs. The death cases on Clearwisdom.net reported have already surpassed 1,000. Dr. Huang worries about his younger brother's safety. He said, "The procuratorial agency of China currently is investigating and dealing with the violations by the government staff who violate human rights. I also hope the Chinese government conducts a thorough investigation regarding my younger brother's abduction. This has international implications." Dr. Huang is preparing appeals to the international community to have them pay attention to Mr. Huang's and Falun Gong practitioners' suffering more widely.

The World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong has already sent out a circular about its investigation. It lists Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department, Shanghai National Security Bureau, Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Wan'an County Public Security Bureau, and Ji'an Municipal Detention Center and so on as the key targets to be investigated regarding Mr. Huang's abduction.

Huang Wanqing (right) appeals to rescue his younger brother Huang Xiong in Los Angeles in February 2004.

Huang Wanqing appeals to rescue his younger brother in Atlanta in November 2003.

Huang Wanqing (in front row) with other Falun Gong practitioners appeals to rescue their relatives in New York in April 2004.

Attached are telephone numbers of related units.

Yangpu District Police Station, Shanghai: 86-21-65431000 (Yangpu District)

Head Hu or Department Head Zhao: 86-21-65431000 extension 31090

They have a special department to deal with Falun Gong: 86-21-65431000 extension 31095

Shanghai Public Security Bureau: 86-21-63294000, 86-21-63723030, and 86-21-64723150

The National Security Bureau in Shanghai: 86-21-64334040 (telephone exchange), the Preliminary Hearing Branch: extension 33162; the general duty office room: extension 33041; 86-21-63232001 (Appeal Office)

Shanghai Municipal Higher People's Court: 86-21-62751200

Shanghai Municipal People's Procuratorate: 86-21-64726956

The telephone exchange of Tongji University in Shanghai: 86-21-65982200

Tongji University Boarding House: 86-21-65983310

Tongji University public security office: 86-21-65981441

Director Tian Jun from Jiangxi Provincial 610 Office: 86-791-7288698 (Office)

Other departments of Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Department: 86-791-6227270, 86-791-6801558, 86-791-6823388, 86-791-6823988, and 86-791-6839888

Zhang Xuehua, the chief of the first production brigade, Wan'an County Public Security Bureau, Jiangxi Province: 86-796-5710601 (Office)

Ji'an Municipal Public Security Bureau: 86-796-8228049 (telephone exchange), 86-796-8222022 (Office), 86-796-8216358 (The first Section Chief Gao)

Ji'an Municipal Detention Center (It is also called Public Security Bureau Detention Center): 86-796--8280203 (general duty office), 86-796-8280330, vice president, 86-796-8280331 president, 86-796-8280133 political instructor