(Clearwisdom.net) When I am with our fellow practitioners, I notice that some of them treat others very nicely, but treat their family members not so nicely.

Once I was at a fellow practitioner's house. When it was time for dinner, she angrily asked her husband to have the meal, shouting: "Come for the meal if you want, otherwise just go away." Hearing this, I was stunned. I was trying to tell this fellow practitioner that she, as a practitioner, should not treat her husband like this. But as soon as I started speaking, she said, "You do not understand what is going on." I stopped saying anything. The rest of the dinner we ate in silence.

In another instance, I was told that one practitioner couple is very nice when interacting with fellow practitioners and they appear to others that they are in harmony as well. Actually when alone, they often quarrel with each other and even physically fight with each other. I was quite surprised when I heard this. I wondered how when both husband and wife are practitioners, that they still fight? It was unimaginable to me.

During our cultivation process, we may all feel that that our family members are so close to us that we do not need to be polite to each other anymore. It even seems that when family members are all practitioners, we tend to "point out" each other's attachments. As a result, both can become furious. When family members are not practitioners, we then really want them to accept Dafa or know the Dafa truth. When some parents who are non-practitioners are afraid of their son/daughter being persecuted; and at the same time their son/daughter want to save his/her parents, they may start quarreling as their conversation continues. In the end, everyone leaves unhappily.

Actually, what I see are all surface phenomena. These cases are rare among the one body of Dafa practitioners. Master has said that the old forces have arranged everything for each practitioner so as to persecute Dafa practitioners and ordinary people. Then, isn't it one of their methods to let our own family members upset us? We want be a practitioners and we must cultivate ourselves to the point that we do not have any loopholes. To completely break through the old force's arrangements, we should treat our family members even better. If practitioners are not able to do well in this aspect, it will be harder for us to save them. Our behavior will also bring a negative reputation to Dafa in society. Meanwhile, our own improvement will have stalled.

Family members have very deep predestined relationships with us. While we can treat others nicely, why can't we treat our family members nicely? Master asks every practitioner to be a good person no matter what situation they are in. Why can't we be good among or own family members? Doesn't it reflect our level of cultivation? If we improve ourselves more, our relationship with our family members will surely be harmonized.

Original article date: 2004-6-23