Since July 20, 1999, practitioners from a certain town in Hunan Province have stepped forward one after another to clarify truth and validate Dafa to sentient beings using various means. The situation of the persecution is very grave. According to the scant information available, there are eleven practitioners who have been sent to labor camps and more than two hundred been detained from several months to even one or two years. This has negatively impacted their farm work and caused the land to become sterile. Other practitioners would voluntarily help families with the farm work such as seeding and harvesting. As long as they knew that a practitioner's family needs help, they would go and offer help. No one has organized this and it is not known exactly how many practitioners have been involved in this kind help.

During the spare time amidst farm work, practitioners would have group study, recite Hongyin and send forth righteous thoughts. Practitioners speak freely and share their experiences. The atmosphere has been harmonious and it has helped them to improve as a whole. When they work on the farmland, several dozens of practitioners work together and the scene is truly remarkable. It shows people the magnificence of Falun Dafa. Upon seeing this, villagers all praise: "Falun Gong is great. I want to start practicing." When people from other villages pass by and see so many people working together, they are curious and ask about them. After learning that practitioners voluntarily work for others, they say: "Nowadays everyone goes after money. Even relatives would fight for money. Dafa practitioners are so kind. It is truly hard to find these kind of people in today's society." Others comment: "Falun Gong is so good. Why does the government persecute them?" Practitioners take the opportunity to clarify truth and expose the evil persecution, tell people to be good by following the principle of "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance"... after learning the truth, they awaken and have respect and sympathy towards practitioners. Some people who had been deceived by the false propaganda also said from their heart: "You are truly kind people. Some officials are irrational. One day they will meet their due retribution."

For the past five years we have continued and supported this way of validating Dafa as one body. Wherever we go, the effect is always good. Because we walk our path righteously, the evil cannot control us even in its most vicious time. Although the farm work such as seeding and harvesting are all heavy work, we do them with joy and happiness. Among us, there are some in their sixties and seventies. There is also an eighty-year-old practitioner who helps us to cook. They say: "It is hard to have this opportunity to spend time with fellow practitioners. We feel truly happy." The families of practitioners who had been detained also are very grateful for the help.

June 24, 2004