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Many of Beijing's Dafa disciples were fortunate enough to have participated in the early Fa lecture series. Our bodies were purified and we were spiritually inspired during the lecture series. We happened to have experienced and understood many stories Teacher related during that time. Some of these stories seem hard to believe, but they are true. We could feel from those stories that Teacher has experienced so many hardships and tribulations. His expressions of kindness are beyond description. Let us continue to cultivate diligently! Cultivating and improving ourselves is the best way to repay Teacher.

10. Working hard, Teacher forgets the Chinese New Year

Just before the 1994 Chinese New Year, Master held the first Fa lecture series in Jinan City, Shandong Province. One day, after the lecture, a Beijing assistant's wife who was also a Dafa practitioner brought dumplings to Teacher. Teacher asked, "What day is today?" She replied, "Today is Chinese New Year's Eve." Teacher had just realized that the New Year was coming, and shared dumplings with the volunteer workers for dinner.

The Chinese New Year (Chinese Spring Festival) is the most important holiday in China. New Year's Eve is traditionally the most important day of the New Year. All of the family members would gather and have dinner together. Teacher, though, was so busy in offering us salvation and forgot about the New Year's holiday.

11. A lesson learned from carelessly using super-normal abilities to seek personal gain

In June 1994, Teacher gave the second Fa lecture series in Jinan City. One day after the class, Fu Shulian made a pot of tea with boiling water. With the tea pot in hand, Fu Shulian, Fu Rong (pseudonym) and another practitioner walked along the street. When they reached an intersection, a red traffic light stopped them. Fu Shulian, a veteran Dafa practitioner, knew how to use supernormal abilities. She said to Fu Rong "Fu Rong, would you like to try to stop that car using your supernormal abilities?" Fu Rong spoke, "Stop" without any hesitation. As soon as the word came out of her mouth, a car suddenly stopped. Fu Rong felt that it was a coincidence, so she shouted again, "Stop" and another car stopped as she spoke. With a doubt still in her mind, she continued shouting "Stop." As a result, one more car was stopped and then there was another one. Fu Rong had to trust her supernormal abilities. In the meantime, she felt something was not right, thinking, "I must have done a bad thing." However, Fu Shulian and the other practitioner were still very excited and said, "Now we can cross the street." As the two crossed the street, Fu Rong followed behind just like a child who had made a mistake.

After they got on the bus and it got going, the bus suddenly screeched to a halt. As a result, Fu Shulian fell down, and the pot of hot tea struck her on the head, leaving her with a bruise and the tea all over her. The other practitioner bumped into the seat in front of her and was in quite some pain. Someone stepped on Fu Rong's foot. All the other passengers were unhurt. Fu Shulian, who had urged Fu Rong to stop the car using her supernormal abilities was hurt the most, and Fu Rong, who realized her mistake right afterwards, was hurt the least.

When the three of them got off the bus, Fu Rong started laughing after she saw Fu Shulian with a bruise on her head, and water and tea leaves all over her clothes. Fu Shulian suddenly realized what happened and said, "How can you laugh? This is karmic retribution for the bad things that we did."

They believed completely what Teacher had mentioned in the lecture, that after the lecture everyone would have a supernormal ability, but you should not use it to disrupt ordinary people's lives. If you did, it would lower your xinxing (heart or mind nature) or block your supernormal abilities. They understood what they had done was going against traffic rules. Stopping other people's cars for their own convenience led to what happened to them. Nevertheless, Teacher was still there to protect them -- the hot tea did not burn Fu Shulian.

12. "Go home to do true cultivation"

Fu Shulian realized her mistake. When she returned to the class, her bruise was gone. She became attached to the fact that Teacher could cure her illness. She mentioned to Fu Rong and other practitioners, "I have to follow Master wherever he goes. If I follow him, my illnesses will be cured. No matter how hard the situation is I must follow Teacher wherever he goes."

When the class began, Teacher started his lecture with the following, "There is a veteran practitioner who has already understood my lecture, but she still follows me wherever I go. It would not work if you merely follow me but don't actually cultivate. It would be better to go home to do real cultivation.'

Fu Shulian was surprised after the class and could not help but ask, "How did Teacher know?"