(Clearwisdom.net) Inside China's labor camps, people sentenced to forced labor are not allowed to learn Falun Dafa, lest they face heavy punishment. However, quite a number of these people are taking up cultivation practice without any fear after they learn the truth about Falun Dafa. The following are some examples:

Person A began practicing Falun Dafa two months ago. When the police found Dafa articles in her possession, they asked her if she had been practicing Falun Gong. She replied solemnly, "Yes, I am now a Dafa practitioner, and Master Li is my Teacher. What is wrong with practicing Falun Gong? I started only two months ago and my mind and body have changed dramatically. I was lazy before and could not finish the labor work. Now I can finish the work all by myself. I used to hate to work and previously paid others to wash my clothes and my dishes, to make my bed and to do the daily work for me. Now I can do them myself. I was very attached to laziness in the past and often asked my family to give me 400 to 500 Yuan per month to spend. But after learning Dafa, I learned to live a simple life, endure difficulties, and I only ask for 150 Yuan from my family each month. I was previously addicted to smoking, but now I have quit smoking. Dafa has made me improve myself, pursue good instead of bad, and it has encouraged me to be a good person. However, you don't thank my Teacher, but rather you slander and attack him. Why am I punished for being a good person?"

Person B, after learning more facts about Falun Dafa, sighed with pain and regret, "I wasted my earlier life, and I was living in ignorance! Why didn't I learn the Dafa principles earlier? Otherwise, I wouldn't have done those wrong deeds and stupid things. I wouldn't have sold drugs. I would not have become a drug addict and would not have fallen ... Many people committed wrong deeds because they did not have the moral standard to guard themselves. They were influenced by the bad trends in our society, so they did things their own way. After they were released from the labor camps, they went back to their old ways again, committing wrong deeds on top of wrong deeds. If they had been allowed to learn Dafa, I can guarantee that many people like me would have regretted what they had done, and would have changed themselves." Because she had a very good understanding of the Fa principles, and was very diligent in cultivation, within a month her body was cleaned up multiple times and she obtained a Falun as well. For example, one afternoon when she started to experience symptoms of drug addiction, and said that this should not happen any longer since she had quit drugs nearly two years prior. I comforted her and told her not to worry about it. I told her that these symptoms would soon disappear, because it was Master cleaning up her body, taking out the poisons from her bones and blood, and it was a good thing. As expected, a couple of hours later, she told me happily that the symptoms were gone and a burst of warm energy came down from her head and spread out to her body. It was warm, especially in her abdomen. I touched her head, her body, and her abdomen, and they were really warm. I told her, "Master has poured energy into your head and has given you the Falun." She was beset with welling emotions when she experienced Master's compassion, and the mystery and wonder of Dafa. She said, "People like us are drug addicts, like trash in the society, and we are surrounded by karma. In society, people hate us, are afraid of us, and dismiss and insult us. We never expected to learn Dafa because it is too holy and too solemn. But Master did not forget us. Rather, he has cleaned up our bodies, given us precious things, taught us the Fa, and offered us an opportunity to start afresh and have a happy future. Master is so compassionate!"

Person C, after obtaining Dafa, was very regretful of her previous actions, and truly cherishes Dafa. Due to the long labor hours, she did not have a block of time to study the Fa, so she made good use of every minute she had. Sometimes during the short break time when others dozed off, she was studying the Fa attentively. She also studied the Fa during the few minutes they had before lining up for roll call every morning. Her eagerness in learning Dafa is like thirsty grass expecting the much needed rain for nourishment. It is very touching. In addition, no matter how late they finished work and no matter how hard and exhausting the day was, she always makes time to do the sitting meditation. Master cleaned up her body very quickly. The chilly feeling in her bones caused by her drug addiction vanished. By studying the Fa diligently, she has raised her level of understanding the Fa. She deeply understands how righteous Dafa is, and all the principles that teach people to be good by following "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." Contrasting the current society that is full of evil, deceit, violence, and corruption, Dafa is so great and precious. She is so sad that practitioners are being tortured for no reason. She has told Dafa practitioners many times that she really wants to practice Dafa in public! She really wants many people to learn Dafa! She really wants to tell the public how great Dafa is! But instead, she has to hide to cultivate "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance" and become a good person. Otherwise, she faces torture. She felt depressed, angry, and found it hard to endure. Dafa has corrected her, given her righteousness, and she has become even more steadfast.

A few months after she learned Falun Dafa, the police found out and transferred her somewhere else. She was punished, tortured, and threatened. She said she was prepared to walk her path no matter how hard it would be. Later we were saddened to learn that she had been brutally tortured. She was locked up in confinement, subjected to slave labor, cursed at, and her term was extended. But she is still full of unyielding integrity and her righteous thoughts are firm.

Fellow practitioners, let us be more diligent, and treasure the time we have now to save sentient beings.