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6. "Has deformed his Law Wheel"

At the end of 1993, Zhang Liying went to attend classes held by Master in the lecture hall of Beijing's No. 2 Artillery Army Base.

A young man sat next to her. The moment he saw her, the young man told her that her legs had undergone surgery before. She was surprised, as that was only a small operation done many years ago, and she wore very thick pants, so how could he know? Upon inquiry, she found out that actually his celestial eye had been opened by practicing some other Qigong.

During the class, the young man often told her, "This teacher is extraordinary! There are tens of thousands of golden lights behind him!" "Not only we are listening to the lectures in this conference room," he said while pointing to the ceiling of the hall with his fingers, "but a group of people in ancient costumes, and a group of people in modern suits are sitting there. They all are listening very respectively and attentively."

After the class, the young man told her, "This teacher explains things the most clearly among all the teachers I have ever seen. But I have practiced my Qigong for many years and I had worked very hard on that. I cannot give it up and I have to continue."

During the next day's class, Zhang Liying heard Master say, "Some do not listen although I explained it this way; he still practices the other Qigong after returning home, and has deformed his Law Wheel."

7. Deafness and Hunchback disappear

In January 1994, while Sun Xiulan was in her 70s, she attended Master's classes held in Tianjin.

She had typhoid fever at a very young age, and she became deaf as a consequence. Many years of hard labor had also given her a severe hunchback.

Because of the deafness, she could not hear anything when Master began the class. She thought, "What is the teacher talking about? I cannot hear anything!" While she was worrying, Master said, "Someone cannot hear, I will let her hear now." After the sentence was said, she could hear. She listened very carefully and every sentence from Master entered her heart. The more she listened, the more she liked to listen. When the class was over, a strange feeling came over her while she was looking around, so she asked students nearby, "Have I grown taller?" Other students told her, "You have not grown taller, it's that your back is straight now."

8. Female reporters could not bother Master

When the classes were over, many reporters wanted to take pictures with Master. Some female reporters wanted to hold Master's arms. Sun Xiulan saw clearly from far away that Master did not do anything to embarrass them, nor did he allow them to do inappropriate things. Every time they wanted to hold Master's arms, Master just stood still without pulling out his arms, and every time they failed to grab hold of Master's arms.

9. "We are all what we are because of a karmic relationship"

In May 1994, Sun Xiulan attended classes again in Changchun. Someone else had occupied her seat when she went to the class, so she found a small stool and sat right in the middle before the first row. Master took a look at her and said with a smile, "We are all what we are because of a karmic relationship."

Some students always wanted to see Master more, so they often waited at the entrance. However Master always entered or exited the conference room from some unknown places. Now we understand that Master does not pursue either fame or profit, and does not allow students to become attached to sentiment towards Master. Sun Xiulan never waited by the door, but she always met Master by chance. Master would say with a smile, "We are all what we are because of a karmic relationship."