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Many Beijing Dafa disciples were fortunate enough to attend the classes Master gave, where he personally lectured and taught the exercises. In these classes, every disciple's body was purified and their thoughts were improved. During that period, we experienced, learned, and heard many stories regarding Master. Some stories seem like legends when told, but all of them are real. Through those stories we feel we really do not know how many hardships Master endured and how many tribulations Master went through in order to save us. We cannot just say, "Thank you" to such incredible grace. What we should do is try our best to do well on our cultivation paths, achieve the standard, and become wholeheartedly good, which is the best gratitude we can offer to Master.

3. A Gnome Delivered Water for Master

When Master and his assistants started to go up a hill, a woman suddenly approached them. She wore a white cloth on her head and carried a pot of water. She just followed the group and did not say a word. The assistants asked her if she was a water seller. She still did not say anything. They wanted to help her carry the water, but she would not let anyone drink her water except Master. She just followed them along the path over the hill. After they came down the hill, the woman suddenly disappeared. Master told everyone she was the gnome of that hill.

4. A Man Understood a Serious Issue after Master Patted Him just Once

In 1993, an early Beijing disciple's wife wanted to divorce him because he practiced Falun Gong. One day Master and he had a meal together. He lowered his head and pondered while eating, "How can I deal with it if I get divorced because I practice Falun Gong?" While he was thinking, Master came over and patted him once on his shoulder. He felt he understood everything immediately and was suddenly enlightened.

Later on, Master said in class: "Some couples almost get divorced because of disputes over qigong practice. Many people have not thought about why this situation takes place. If you ask your spouse later: 'Why do you get so upset if I practice qigong?' he or she cannot explain it and will really be out of reasons. 'Really, why did I become so angry and worked up at that time?' Actually, what's the matter? While one is practicing qigong, one's karma must be transformed. You will not gain without loss, and what you lose are bad things. You must sacrifice." ("Transformation of Karma" from Zhuan Falun)

5. By Not Pursuing a Cure for Her "Illness," a Woman Gets Well

One practitioner attended the thirteenth class, held in Beijing. In that class, Master told everyone that Falun Gong is not for healing illnesses.

However, this practitioner had come to the class with the intention of healing illnesses. When she practiced another qigong system before, a snake possessed her. She did not tell Master. She also did not give up the thought of healing her illness. When the class was over, she did not move in her seat, thinking, "I will just stay here and not leave, and I will see if on earth, you (Master) can heal my illness or not." She thought Master would come to ask about her illness if she did this. However, Master did not pay any attention to her and then left.

The next day, Master said in class, "Some people were in great discomfort and would not move in their seats, waiting for me to step down from the podium to treat them. I would not do it. If you cannot even pass this test, how can you still practice cultivation in the future when you encounter many big tribulations?" (Zhuan Falun, Lecture Two -- "The Issue of Pursuit"). He also said that he could clean up practitioners' bodies of all bad things.

Later on, she gradually understood some principles Master taught. She said to herself, "I do not want to have this bad thing (possession by a snake)." Master did not do anything obvious to treat her illness, but her illness was gone.