(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Cui Fue, 47 years old, was a Dafa practitioner from Daguantou Village, Liubinbao Township, Yanqing County, Beijing City.

On April 30, 2001, Ms. Cui went to Beijing to appeal against the persecution of Falun Gong. The same afternoon she was taken back by a group of policemen led by Wang Xuehua, director of the Liubinbao Police Station. They handcuffed her and forced her into the trunk of a sedan car and then drove her to the Third Division of Yanqing County Police Department. After they arrived at the police department, the police dragged her out of the trunk and then started to beat her with clubs. As a result, Ms. Cui had wounds all over her body. That night, she was sent to the county detention center where she was detained for 15 days.

In 2001, Wang Xuehua again arrested Ms. Cui and forced her to labor for one hundred days at the police station. On June 3, 2001, the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, Wang Xuehua led a group of policemen to beat Ms. Cui brutally. As a result, Ms. Cui lost hearing in both ears, and she suffered severe internal injuries. Her kidneys were injured. Even so, she was still forced to do hard labor. After she was released, she was bedridden because of the injuries she suffered at the police station. On August 3, 2003, Ms. Cui passed away.


Liubinbao Police Station: 86-10-60181504

Wang Xuehua has now been transferred to Zhangshanying Police Station in Yanqing County. The phone number of Zhangshanying Police Station is 86-10-69190396.

Yanqing County Police Department

Address: 18 West Zhenhunan Road, Yanqing County, Beijing City, 102100

Director: Wang Chunlai

Deputy Directors: Li Mingyi, Gao Hekuan, Zhu Baogui, Zhang Yongjun, Tong Zheng

Political Instructor: Zhang Jian

Discipline Committee Secretary: Yang Jinqi

Phone numbers: 86-10-81198128, 86-10-81197648

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