In early June 2000, practitioner "H" from my home county went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested at Tiananmen Square for validating Falun Dafa. She was taken to our local government's liaison office in Beijing and detained in a large room. Right after practitioner "H" was detained, she and seven other detained practitioners began practicing the Falun Dafa exercises. Two policemen saw this and immediately handcuffed each of them. The eight Falun Dafa practitioners did not yield at all. Even though their hands were cuffed, they still strained to cross their legs.

A policeman leaning against the door began teasing them, saying, "Move! Move! We'll see how long you can cross your legs!" Suddenly, there was a metallic rattling noise as the handcuffs of one of the elderly practitioners sprung open. Just then, another practitioner's handcuffs also opened. Practitioner "H" thought, "My handcuffs should open too." As soon as she had this thought, her handcuffs immediately opened as well.

The astonished policemen immediately hurried to open the handcuffs of the other five practitioners, apologetically saying, "We couldn't do anything else. It was on the orders of Jiang himself that we were asked to treat you this way, so let's try something different: In the future, you may practice the meditation exercise anytime during the day, and practice the other four exercises at night. If there is a situation, I will warn you by kicking at the door. If you hear that, please lie down immediately and resume practicing later." Since that miraculous incident, the guards have only been monitoring detainees outside the room that houses Falun Dafa practitioners.