(Clearwisdom.net) What ability did Zhuan Falun have to cured my mother's disease? I had no idea what the words meant the first time I read it, but my mother has read it twenty times already! I wondered why she found it so fascinating.

I am a 22-year-old college student. In junior high school, I entered the "rebellious teenage" years. I enjoyed forming cliques with seven or eight other teenaged boys and we would always skip classes, race motorcycles and bully classmates together. I thought it was really amusing and exciting to make others scared of me and to be infamous amongst my peers.

I developed a habit of swearing and I thought that the worse the language I used, the cooler I was. Gradually, my family became aware of my ill behavior. I completely ignored their advice and my conduct became worse with each passing day. At first, I did not dare swear in front of my parents, yet one day I used all of the bad words in one breath! I even glared at my parents, while saying bad words right to their faces. My father was so angry that he wanted to beat me with a stick, and my mother was so disappointed that she could only cry.

The magnificent changes in my mother

In the past few years, my mother often fell ill and frequently visited the hospital. However, these treatments weren't effective and she remained uncomfortable after coming home. In addition, my rebellious behavior only aggravated her condition. She could not eat or sleep and she often said to me with tears in her eyes, "I don't want to live any longer! Without me to lean on, you would probably be more responsible. I know that my time is near!" I realized how badly I had behaved and called out in my heart, "Please don't let mother die. I will be good from now on!"

Then one day someone introduced my mother to Falun Gong. She thus went out at five the next morning to do the exercises with other people. That night she slept as soundly as a baby. After a few days, her face gradually became rosy and she no longer looked ill. I noticed that my mother read the book continuously. She told me that she finished the entire book in one night and went out to do the exercises at five o'clock the next morning. She felt extremely energetic. In this way, my mother continued to study the Fa and do the exercises for three years. During these years, she did not use her medical insurance card once.

Realizing the truth and ceasing to hurt others

My mother kept telling me to read Zhuan Falun. I wondered what kind of book this was to have the power to cure my mother's illnesses and give her back her health. I did not understand any of it the first time I read it and felt amazed that my mother could have the patience to read it twenty times. Can reading it really be that good? One day when I was bored, I again picked up Zhuan Falun. And wow, reading it for the second time was different somehow. The more I read it, the more interesting it became and the more I enjoyed it. Gradually, I understood the meaning of being a good person. I learned that we need to be kind to everyone, even to the people we dislike or to the ones who dislike us. I also learned to be more considerate of others' feelings before saying or doing anything. There are so many precious truths in the book!

Slowly, I lost contact with my so-called buddies. I know that I have made many mistakes in the past by swearing and bullying people. It is wrong to bring them pain or sadness. And this not only brings them pain, but affects their families as well.


Recalling the things I have done in the past makes me so remorseful. After all these years I finally get the chance to express my heartfelt words. For the rebellious teenagers who have read my article, I hope you will learn from my experience to treat the people around you with kindness and not to hurt others.

I also hope that parents who have difficulties raising their children will have the chance to learn about Falun Gong and take a look at Zhuan Falun. This book that has given hundreds of thousands of people health in body and in mind, allowing them to give this most wonderful gift to their children and themselves.

June 11, 2004