(Clearwisdom.net) Once there was a truth-clarification material production site in another region in China being undermined by evil interference. The contact person was illegally arrested. After we heard the news, we rushed to the site to offer assistance. We were a little lacking in confidence, but after sharing experiences with local practitioners, we all realized that truth clarification and saving sentient beings should not be stopped for even one day, so we set up a new temporary truth-clarification material site. At this new site there was an eleven-year old little practitioner nicknamed "White Dove." She made a deep impression on us.

White Dove is a very pretty and adorable little girl. Her whole family was persecuted severely by Jiang's regime because they had the courage to step out and validate Dafa under any circumstance. After her father was illegally sent to a labor camp, a police officer from the local precinct would follow and harass her every day even though she was only an eight year old first grader at the time. The policeman was trying to pressure her to disclose her mother's whereabouts so that he could arrest her too, and soon, her school also began to pressure her. Under this circumstance, and facing all different kinds of lies and threats, White Dove's mouth remained sealed and she left no loophole for the evil to take advantage of. In order to prevent her mother from being persecuted again, White Dove was forced to leave school and follow her mother to drift about in another region.

For the past few years, White Dove and her mother have been diligently doing Fa-validation work and have spent a lot of time at the truth-clarification material production site. Slowly, White Dove has matured as a Dafa disciple in this special environment. Her life is very simple yet difficult just like the adults. She is never picky about food and clothing. She accepts whatever the adults give her and uses any extra money to make Dafa truth clarification materials. Even though White Dove has not had the chance to play with other children, she does not complain. She studies the Fa, practices the exercises, sends forth righteous thoughts and produces truth-clarification materials with other practitioners every day. Even though she only has one year of education, Dafa cultivation has given her supernormal wisdom. She now can operate a computer and print truth clarification materials on her own. Many adults go to her for help on technical questions on computers and printing. Every time she patiently does her best to help them.

White Dove's father is still being detained even though his term has expired at the Yinmahe Labor Camp in Jiutai City, Jilin Province. When I asked her whether she missed him, she replied smiling, "I do, but I know he is doing the right thing." She also asked me to say hello to all the children around the world. She also hopes that all the Dafa practitioners from overseas Minghui Schools treasure all they have and diligently move forward.