(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Chen Jianhua, a Falun Gong practitioner from Nanping City, Fujian Province, is close to death at the Rujiang Forced Labor Camp where he has been on a hunger strike to protest his unlawful detention. On February 13, 2004, Mr. Chen was released from the hospital after being treated for illnesses related to his hunger strike. He was then sent to a special confinement group known as the most severe place for persecuting Dafa practitioners inside the camp. Upon release from the hospital, Mr. Chen went on a huger strike again, so on the evening of February 18, 2004, Officer Li of the Special Confinement Group took Mr. Chen to the clinic for force-feeding by Wu, the Deputy Clinic Head. By that time, Mr. Chen had been on a hunger strike for five days and was very weak. During the forced feeding, Wu purposely repeated the insertion of the food pipe into Mr. Chen's throat so as to continue torturing him. After the forced feeding, Officer Li asked Wu, "Shall we send this guy to the mental hospital?" Wu simply replied, "Don't pay attention to this kind of person, just let him die." In early April, Mr. Chen indicated to others that he felt like he was dying because his temples were swollen and aching, his eyesight was getting dull, his memory was becoming poor, and he had little appetite for food.

The Fuzhou Rujiang Forced Labor Camp is one of the most vicious places for persecuting Dafa practitioners in Fujian Province. Sixty-year-old practitioner Mr. Zhang Guoqing was beaten to death at this camp (as reported by Clearwisdom.net on March 12, 2004). Before Mr. Zhang's passing away, Mr. Chen Jianhua would help him change his clothes and found that he could hardly stand up and that there was evidence of the beatings all over Mr. Zhang's body. On February 1, 2004, Mr. Zhang Guoqing died at Jianxin hospital. The next day, trying to shirk responsibility for his death, the labor camp police falsified the medical record, saying that Mr. Zhang had bone cancer and died from malnutrition.

Relevant Contact Information:

Fujian Province Rujiang Forced Labor Camp (at Kuaian, Mawei, Fuzhou) Zip code: 350015

Special Confinement Group Telephone: 86-591-3970666-8367

Two major persecutors of Dafa Practitioners:

Group Leader: Hu Bo

Deputy Leader: Lin Zhang