(Clearwisdom.net) I would like to share my experience and the lessons I learned from being deceived by a special agent from China's National Security Bureau. I want to disclose their vile, deceptive tactics in the hopes that everyone can learn from this incident.

Several years ago, a practitioner in China with whom I was acquainted gave me his address, in order to stay in touch with him and to mail truth clarification materials to him. Then, for a period of time, we lost contact. However, a few months later, I received a letter from him saying that he had been illegally arrested, but that he had gotten out of prison with his righteous thoughts and actions. He won my complete trust. Several days later, he wrote to me again, this time mentioning that he did not have a job and asked if I could lend him money. He also mentioned that he was not in contact with other practitioners and felt lonely, and he wanted me to introduce him to other practitioners I knew in China. I then gave him the addresses of two practitioners I knew. In the following year, he mailed me materials such as practitioners' solemn statements and some information on the persecution in China to post on Clearwisdom.net. He would also ask me for information from the website and at the same time, he used all kinds of excuses to "borrow" more than ten thousand yuan (1) from me and gradually gathered my personal information. Then, he suddenly disappeared and I stopped hearing from him. Soon after, the practitioners with whom I was in contact, including the practitioners I introduced to him, were followed by people from the National Security Bureau. My cultivation practice and everyday life have also been interfered with.

From this experience, I have realized my shortcomings in the following areas:

1. Judge a person based on the Fa, not with how much he does

To deceive practitioners who have the attachment of judging people according to the amount of truth clarification work they do, special agents always talk about how much truth clarification materials they have given out, or the amount of time they spend studying the Fa every day. They rarely talk about matters based on the Fa but more about everyday people's issues. In actuality, it is very easy to recognize special agents who disguise themselves as Falun Dafa practitioners.

2. The attachment to sentimentality

When he asked about my personal information, at first I did not want to tell him anything. But due to my attachment of feeling bad about not answering him, I gave him the information he requested. Because I did not study the Fa well and did not follow the Fa's standard, I did not pay attention to security issues and shared personal information about myself and other practitioners. Here, I would like to remind practitioners outside of China to pay special attention: Do not disclose your personal information to anyone. Use a pseudonym when you are clarifying the truth over the Internet and do not introduce practitioners in China to each other.

The above is my own understanding. Please point out anything incorrect.

The name of the special agent from the Security Bureau is Zhang Yanwei. He is male, about 25-30 years old, approximately 5' 5" tall, and slightly overweight. He was active near Jinan City and Zhengzhou City. The email address he used was zhsx354@hotmail.com. Those practitioners who know him need to be aware.

The following is some information on a few special agents from the Shanghai National Security Bureau:

Ying Hao (Special agent from Shanghai): 86-13601739027 (mobile phone)

Wu (first name unknown, Special agent from Shanghai): 86-13601894330 (mobile)

Office of the Shanghai National Security Bureau: 86-21-24026182

(1) Yuan is the Chinese currency. 500 Yuan is the average monthly income for a worker in urban areas of China.