(Clearwisdom.net) Since February 2004, a distorted picture of Master, and some words slandering Master and Dafa on both sides, have been laid on the floor on the only hallway in front of the visitor's room in the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp. Every visitor has to step on it in order to enter the Wanjia Labor Camp. This targets all practitioners in Harbin City and its surrounding areas and its purpose is to make sentient beings commit crimes against Dafa. Through experience sharing, we decided to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the Wanjia Labor Camp to eliminate the evil. Here are some of our understandings of this experience.

1. Eliminating Evil with Righteous Thoughts

Before we set out, we informed some of the practitioners we knew in Harbin City and its surrounding areas and asked them to send forth righteous thoughts to cooperate with us. On May 1, 2004, a holiday, we drove to the Wanjia Labor Camp. On our way there, we kept our minds calm and kept sending forth righteous thoughts to clean out the interference from within ourselves and outside as well. In the afternoon, we arrived at Wanjia and parked our car nearby. The surrounding area was very quiet. Adjusting the state of our mind, we started to send forth righteous thoughts. Just when we had entered the state of tranquility, a gust of cold and gloomy air blew into the car, which made the car shake several times. We knew that it was interference from the evil and continued to send forth powerful righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. We could feel that the energy field was very strong.

Here is the scene in another dimension that a practitioner saw at that moment.

"Once we started to send forth righteous thoughts, I quickly calmed down and entered the state of tranquility. Then I saw an evil [being] having the form of a policeman open the front door and reach into the car toward the steering wheel. He held the wheel with one hand and turned it in different directions in an attempt to move the car. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. At that moment, the whole car seemed to be swept up by a gust of wind and loud noises could be heard inside the car. Outside of the car, it seemed that more vehicles were passing by and it became very noisy outside as well. We were not affected by this interference and continued to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. Half an hour later, the evil was eliminated and the wind stopped blowing."

2. Giving Rein to the Power of One Body during the Battle between Good and Evil

Later, we settled down at a pre-arranged place in order to continue sending forth righteous thoughts. We had a short sharing on what we had just experienced. We all felt that the battle between good and evil had just started. Our journey was very important and our time was very precious. After quickly finishing dinner, we resumed sending forth righteous thoughts.

We sat together in a circle. Right on the hour, we sent righteous thoughts. After that, we would study the Fa, share experiences and perform the exercises. During our sending forth righteous thoughts, practitioners all felt different forms of interference, such as noises outside the windows, which resulted in our being unable to concentrate in our minds. One practitioner saw a woman with long, unkempt hair, holding her stomach against a bed in pain with a pale face and a bleeding mouth. The practitioner heard a voice in her ears, "Your master showed mercy, how can you [do this]?" Later, after sharing with other practitioners, we realized that it was interference from the evil that wanted to shake that practitioner's determination. We continued to send righteous thoughts and were in a good state. At midnight, the time for global sending righteous thoughts, we felt very strong energy and experienced the power of one body.

However, at 1 AM, there was again much interference. Everyone felt unbearable pain from the legs that made it hard to double cross the legs [in lotus position]. The pain at the waist made us unable to sit up straight. We felt tired and sleepy. One practitioner joked, "Maybe the practitioners who are at home went to bed. Why do we feel that the energy field is not as strong as before?" (Later, we found out that the practitioners at home had indeed gone to sleep.) Practitioners with their Tianmu open saw many small light spots gathering, some were big and some small, and they were in disarray. One suffered from much interference, feeling feverish, and then feeling cold over the entire body, showing symptoms of nephritis -- going to the restroom every few minutes and urinating blood. Later after sharing experiences, the practitioner realized that one of his thoughts--that it was normal to have physical suffering when eliminating a large amount of evil-- was wrong. At this time, seeing the fellow practitioner's health condition, others realized that there was a loophole in the whole body and that their fellow practitioner realized it as well. Through sharing experiences, we realized that we should look inside of ourselves at all times and clean and purify every thought of ours so that the evil could not take advantage of us. In the following hours, until 6 AM, although there was still much interference, every practitioner held strong righteous thoughts.

3. Returning the Next Day and Manifesting Mighty Power

The next day, after a little rest, we went back to the Wanjia Labor Camp again. It started to drizzle. We realized that it was again interference. We sent forth righteous thoughts for 25 minutes and could feel the interference becoming much less. Not long afterwards, the rain stopped. After finishing sending forth righteous thoughts, we felt very relaxed and didn't feel tired or sleepy. Later a practitioner shared a scene that he saw in another dimension while sending righteous thoughts: on a battlefield, there were many dismembered corpses with pus and blood. Later they became dark like burnt meat. We realized that through sending forth righteous thoughts in the past 24 hours, a large amount of evil had been eliminated. We also realized that it was Master's hint to encourage practitioners that the righteous thoughts of practitioners were powerful. It seemed very ordinary in this dimension but in another dimension, it was a grand and spectacular battle between good and evil.

On the way back, we passed No.7 Department (Harbin No.1 Detention Center and No.2 Detention Center). Since there were many practitioners detained inside, we decided to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity. It began to rain again just when we started. Fifteen minutes later, the rain stopped and the sky became clear. We continued to drive back.

4. Thoughts after the Journey

Through sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity, we found out that we could improve in the following ways.

  1. We were not prepared enough and did not have enough time to ask more practitioners to participate.
  2. The cooperation as a whole was not enough. When it was late at night, almost all of the practitioners who stayed at home went to bed, and that decreased the power as a whole and caused more interference to the practitioners in close proximity who sent forth righteous thoughts.

A most important understanding in this experience of sending righteous thoughts in close proximity is the importance of cooperation as a whole. Every practitioner in Harbin City should look inside and find out what attachments lie within us. We do not realize how important it is to cooperate as a whole. At the last period of Fa-rectification, although the evil dark minions are being eliminated on a large scale, we should not lower our guard. Cooperation is very important. Take the example of several practitioners among us: although our individual cultivation states are different, our understandings of the Fa are different, and we all need to improve ourselves, when we work together, share our experiences, cooperate with each other, and compensate for each other, as a whole we form an indestructible entity. We measure everything with the Fa and do well the three things Master requires of us. From this experience, some practitioners realize, as Fa-rectification practitioners, once we think about it and realize it, we just need to go do it. We should not wait for or rely on something and we should just do what we are supposed to do as a practitioner.

When we wrote this experience, we suffered from much interference. Some practitioners felt that their minds were blank when they tried to write. Some couldn't continue when they were half way through their writing. We overcame interference to write down this experience together. Please point out any improper.

Lastly, we share with fellow practitioners the following teaching of Master from "Teaching the Fa on Easter, 2004, at the New York Fa Conference",

"In validating the Fa, you are the ones who've come up with many of the ideas, and you've resolved many a problem yourselves. And with validating the Fa, you are thinking about how to do well validating the Fa, this most magnificent task, and Dafa disciples the world over are thinking about their shared tasks. You're all cooperating together, discussing, and debating and analyzing things with each other to come up with the best approaches. Whatever the case, this is Dafa disciples' unique way of cultivating, and it's something history has never had before."