(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of August 2003, my wife and I went to an urban area to sell rice. We took truth-clarification CDs, flyers, brochures, and self-adhesive notes with us. While selling our crop of rice, I clarified the truth to customers and others with whom I was interacting. One of us would be clarifying the truth, while the other sent forth righteous thoughts, and it worked out well.

In a small town, I came across a fifty-year-old woman who was a Christian. When she saw that my wife and I were nice to our customers, that our rice was of good quality, that we made sure that the quantity was sufficient for our customers, and we delivered rice to customers' homes, she asked us if we had any personal belief. I told her that we practiced Falun Dafa. She replied by saying that there are fewer and fewer people like us nowadays. I then told her about how Falun Dafa taught people to be kind, and the principles of being good people, and I also told her about several cases of persecution. I told her how my wife and I were sent to a forced labor camp and I talked about the brutal methods adopted to persecute Dafa practitioners in the forced labor camps.

As the woman enjoyed listening to me, I gave her some truth-clarification flyers, brochures, and a VCD. I said, "You are helpful to others because you believe in Christianity. After you finish reading these materials, please pass these on to your church members, your relatives and friends." She said that she had a function to attend that day where there would be over 60 people in attendance; as for her relatives and friends, they numbered nearly 100. She said she would pass the materials on to them.

A few days later, I went to sell rice and I came across this woman again. She told me that the VCD had been played dozens of times, so that hundreds of people had seen the truth, and a church member from another province borrowed it. She said that everyone was shocked after watching it; they said that Jiang was just too cruel, and many people wept while the VCD was playing. She continued, "Before I watched the truth-clarification VCD, I thought that the people who practiced Falun Gong were against the government, and that you participated in politics, but I couldn't understand the situation fully. Now I understand everything. You are right, and you have been greatly wronged. The people who have watched this VCD have all come to understand this as well."