(Clearwisdom.net) a Minghui correspondent reports -- At 9 am on May 19, Channel 42 KPTM TV in Omaha, Nebraska broadcast anchor Lisa Bertin's report on California Falun Gong practitioners' van tour to support the lawsuit against Jiang.

Ms. Bertin introduced how Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is the tenet of Falun Gong, a spiritual cultivation and that people in China have practiced Falun Gong for more than 10 years. She explained that people who practice it in China are subject to persecution. How severe is the persecution? Ms. Bertin said, "Please watch the scene but we would like to warn the audience that you might feel uncomfortable when watching it."

At this moment, pictures from the journal "Witness" appeared on the screen. Ms. Bertin explained that the man on the picture was injured by police officers who used a red hot iron bar to burn him. A lady was stripped of clothes and thrown into a men's cell where she was gang-raped. An eight-month old boy was hung upside down until he died. These are what Falun Gong practitioners have experienced in China.

Then the report quoted Mr. Bian, a member of the van tour who said, "They did not allow me to go to bed. Instead, they forced me to stand without changing posture for several days in a row."

The reporter introduced that Mr. Bian Xuzhuang understood too well the torture subject to the adherents of Falun Gong. In 2001, he was abducted by police officers and was tortured. The police attempted to brainwash him and had him give up his belief.

Steve, another member of the van tour said during the interview that since July 1999 when the persecution began, it has been five years. The former President of China Jiang is facing a lawsuit on counts of genocide in the U.S.

The reporter said practitioners hoped more people would learn about what has been going on in China. He wished that people would pay attention to the lawsuit filed in the U.S. court against Jiang Zemin. Jiang is sued because he issued the order to persecute and torture Falun Gong practitioners. The practitioner Steve explained that the American people could help stop the persecution in China. They could write to congressmen and let more people know about the persecution in China because people in China are still suffering what Mr. Bian had suffered. It's time to stop the persecution.

Another member of the van tour, Kelley, said, "We hope all kind-hearted people throughout the world would support us and bring Jiang to justice. We urge the Chinese government to immediately stop the persecution."

In the end, the reporter expressed that Jiang is no longer the President of China, but is still the head of the Chinese army. She explained that he is being sued in several countries on counts for genocide and torture, and directed the audience to visit the website of Falun Dafa information Center http://faluninfo.net for more information.

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